How I Pick a Booster Seat ~Plus~ Prince Lionheart BoosterPOD #Giveaway (9/8)

Boosters are perfect when your kids grow out of their highchair but the table still comes chest-high making it hard for them to eat. We also like their portability of boosters when traveling. But with all the choices, which one do you choose? I have only owned two and tried a handful when we were at friends houses, but I am big into researching products before I purchase them and often take weeks or months before making a purchase.

When I originally did research on boosters a almost two years ago, I narrowed down my top picks to two or three seats and ended up going with the Mutsy Grow Up! chair. The Prince Lionheart BoosterPod was in my original top three picks, so I really wanted to give it a try and jumped at the chance when I was able to select this item to review.

Although my daughter wanted nothing to do with booster seats for the past year, she has enjoyed sitting in this one. It is larger and cushier than our previous booster, which seems to make it more comfortable for her, but it works equally as well for my son. I think the a big reason she has been excited about using this product, outside it’s novelty, may be because she sees her brother using it. Honestly, she has been using it more than the baby!

When I am looking for a booster seat I am looking for comfort, age range, ease of cleaning, quality and overall aesthetics. If it has a million crevices and creases for food to seep in, it is automatically crossed off my list. Many models on the market seem to be just asking for food to seep in the cracks never to be seen again…that grosses me out and frustrates me if I know I can’t thoroughly clean it inside and out.

Although this is not a comparison article, I will briefly refer to our previous booster chair since it is the only other comparable product I have owned. I pulled out our old booster from storage before this product arrived to try with my son and although it worked fine, I had a big scare when he pushed his little feet against the table and the chair flew back into the shelving behind him. Luckily the shelving stopped his fall, but the combination of the size of the booster, shape of our chairs and wide lip under our table that falls in front of his feet were just a bad combination. You can see from the picture above that although the boosterPOD takes up more space then our previous chair, it tucks in further and sits a notch lower so my son’s feet scoot under the table so he can’t push off the lip we have.

In conclusion, the Prince Lionheart BoosterPOD fits my comfort expectations as both my kids can sit in it for the duration of mealtime or other activities. It has been easy to clean and it seems to work well beyond their recommended age range (as my three-year-old has demonstrated). My son is also under the recommended age, but is the size of a 12-month-old and is sturdy enough that he can safely sit in it. I think it has a sleek, clean look and seems built to last so it is definitely an option I would recommend you consider when purchasing a booster seat for your kids.

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