Baby Food that Almost Makes Itself: Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker Review ~Plus~ #Giveaway (8/15)

I feel like a baby food making queen. I had all the intention to use my food processor to make my little man’s baby food after chatting with many of you mamas on Facebook, but when I had the opportunity to review this new baby I couldn’t resist! What is unique about the Baby Brezza baby food maker over other comparable machines is that is has a button that steams and purees all at the press of a button— so you can set it, forget it and your baby food is done. No watching the clock, steaming and pureeing separately, and very little clean up!

My favorite veggie to make is carrots, because I use baby carrots which are already peeled and washed so I just toss it right in the machine! For a finer “first foods” texture you will want to chop them up a little to get a smoother blend, but my sitter eats loves a little texture to chew and it makes is easy for me. I typically toss fruits or veggies in when I am already cutting them up for sister to munch on, so that cuts down on prep time and clean up as well.

Overall this machine has been perfect for making baby food for the week or pureeing a vegetable or fruit that the rest of the family is already having at mealtime. For bulk baby food making I would still recommend a good old pot or sheet pan and food processor, but I honestly haven’t been making much baby food ahead since this machine makes it a breeze to make fresh baby food for a couple of days at a time. The machine includes recipe ideas from ages 6 months and up and has a handy chart with recommended steam times for the most popular fruits, veggies and meats.


The parts other than the machine base are dishwasher safe and the machine is so easy to use that my daughter even likes to push the start button. Both the steam and steam+puree options have 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 minute steaming options so you steam the food for just the right amount of time and you won’t overcook anything if all of the sudden the kiddos need your attention or if there is some other “crisis”. You can also use the steam only option to defrost frozen baby food which is a feature I love, since it can be bothersome to defrost frozen baby food on the days you don’t think far enough ahead.

At $99 the machine will probably pay for itself in a couple of months of baby food making for most families, plus it is perfect for making purees. I made applesauce and pearsauce that my daughter gobbles up and the fruit and veggie purees are perfect for “sneaky” recipes for adding some healthy goodness to your everyday recipes. This is a machine that you can continue to use in the toddler, preschool and even school age years for making fruit and veggie purees or even throwing together some guacamole for company. I think the biggest selling point for me is that it steams and blends on its own and since the parts of small the clean up is a breeze.

Since I prefer to buy organic baby food, this machine has allowed me to save money by making my own, although you will save money no matter what kind of produce you use. I am really digging this machine and after having researched a number of baby food makers on the market before having the opportunity to review this one, I think this offers the least amount of work and offers the most options.


Win it!

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