Another Sort of "One Size" Diaper: The Knickernappies Medium Pocket

So although I have tried to spare my son from the girlish colors and prints, he has ended up with a large number of hand-me-downs from sister. As in, almost all of her diapers. The diaper I am specifically speaking of today is a melon-colored size medium Custom Fit Pocket Diaper by Knickernappies that fit my daughter until she was almost 40 lbs. and has fit my son since he was around 6 months old. I didn’t try it any earlier, so it may have fit even a tad before that, who knows.

I have chunky Gerber-baby-cheeked darlings, so don’t go rushing out to buy this diaper on account that they fit my kids from 6-36 months, nevertheless, it has a pretty darn good size range. It is reminiscent of a “size two” diaper from a two size system and it feels great when a sized diaper has a long lifespan. These are also side-snapping, which was a heaven-send for us when my daughter went through her diaper-stripping phase.

Another favorite sized pocket diaper with a large size range? The Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Sized diaper in size medium. I absolutely love those and they’re the easiest pocket diaper to stuff and un-stuff. They are also front snapping if you are not a big fan of side-snapping diapers like the Knickernappies and hemp inserts are available for a trim, yet thirsty fit like the Knickernappies LoopyDo inserts provide.

You can’t beat the money savings of a one size pocket diaper, but sometimes a sized diaper is a notch trimmer, less adjusting to worry about and a breeze to use with multiple kids. My daughter is potty trained, but I imagine if she wasn’t (or if I had two kids closer in age) it would be nice not to have to keep track of which diapers was adjusted to what rise and just grab a size medium! Also, depending on when you start cloth diapering, a size medium in some brands may just do the trick.

What diaper has had the largest size range for your kids?

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