Frigidaire Accessories Division $30 Gift Code #Giveaway (CLOSED)

Can I just say it has been hot, hot, hot and, of course, our A/C broke on us this weekend. Not to worry, one long sweaty day later we finally got a repair man to the house and fixed in time for bed. Whew. Talk about a cranky mom and miserable kids. So in celebration of a fixed A/C (sort of) here is a Frigidaire giveaway! 
Talking about broken air conditioners, we are partially at fault for not keeping on top of maintenance. Granted we had a storm on Sunday that seemed to have been the ultimate culprit, the repair men told us our furnace and filters were pretty dirty and that we need to change our filter more often. I totally knew we were slacking on the every three months recommendations (which we probably should change even more often with our pets), but now I have new motivation to stay on top of it! Do you keep on top of your appliance upkeep and organization?

Whether or not you own a Frigidaire appliance their yahoo store online has a variety of items including cleaning products and kitchen accessories for any home. If you take a glance you will notice a lot of their fridge, washer and other accessories and universal products, so you can get organized with some freezer baskets, spiff up your kitchen with some of their cleaning products or appliance accessories like this ice cream shelf to get organized. They also have accessories for moving and maintenance of large appliances like freezers, washers and air conditioners.

Check out the Frigidaire Yahoo store online, enter the giveaway and here’s to a fresher, cooler week for all of us!

No compensation was received and the views and opinions are my own. Enjoy the giveaway! 

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