The Learning Tower Part Two: Washing Dishes

Our Learning Tower has been a part of our daily routine and we have added dish washing to our routine. I never even thought to let my daughter wash the dishes (I usually let her pretend with her play kitchen bowls and pans in the bathroom sink) until one day last week she insisted that it needed to be done. I think she must have been washing her hands at the sink in her tower and noticed all of the dishes I had been placing in the sink from baking muffin tops and wanted to wash them like mommy. Although I still toss the items in the dishwasher or give them an extra wash myself, she is quite the pre-washer! 

Dish washing is a task that I probably wouldn’t have realized she was capable of helping with if she was still using a step stool, since 1) she couldn’t reach the kitchen sink with just a step stool and 2) I would have been too anxious with her trying to handle the dishes or tired from holding her up to the sink to let her do washing of any sort. It definitely keeps her entertained and she is awfully proud of her work. I went to set one of the items she “washed” this week in the dishwasher and she exclaimed from the table Mama, that one is clean. Makes me smile just thinking about it. 

We still predominantly use The Learning Tower for cooking and baking at the kitchen counters, but as you can see we are finding new uses as time goes on. I gave her some pasta dough the other day she kneaded and rolled into shapes, she scooped apple oatmeal cookie dough onto the cookie sheet, washes fruit she wants to eat at the sink and is a lot more involved in what I am doing in the kitchen. It if fun to bake and create together, while at the same time keeping her occupied and away from the oven or other places I don’t want her to be. 

I will confess I stub my toe on it more times than I would like to admit, but I think it is more me than the tower. I am the kind of gal who always finds bruises I don’t remember getting and if it’s not the tower I am walking into the wall or tripping on dog bones. Ask my husband, he will attest and regularly chuckles as my injury-prone clumsiness. Overall, it works well floating in the middle of our small kitchen like a kitchen island and we just slide it up to the sink or counter as needed. My daughter can even drag it where she wants for the most part, so we need to be a little careful what we keep out! 

The Learning Tower has been easy to clean (I just wipe it down with a damp cloth) and the pets even like to hide out under the tower to be part of the excitement. I am saving up to get the art easel my daughter will adore (she gets her artistic genes from my mom) and am trying to decide if I should go for white to match, or a fun contrasting color like the lime green (pictured, above). What do you think? 

Stay tuned for Part Three, the most exciting part for you (starts with a “g” and ends with a “y”)! 

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