Store Spotlight: Abby’s Lane ~Plus~ Coupon Code

Abby’s Lane is a store that I have personally shopped from and have also worked with here at TCDR. I am excited to let you know she has had her website made over and has recently opened a storefront in the D.C. area! Every new cloth diaper storefront is exciting news and I have my fingers crossed I will make it back to the D.C. area in the near future, so maybe I’ll be able to stop by the store some day in person. 

Stephanie is a wealth of cloth diapering and babywearing knowledge so make sure you subscribe to her Yahoo Group newsletters for her weekly topics and support her by shopping at her store online (she has free shipping with no minimum) or for D.C. area mama at her new store. 

Check out my Q&A with Stephanie: 

1. What inspired you to open your store? What continues to inspire you?
My first daughter Abigail Elaine was my inspiration, hence the name. Our reasons to start cloth in our home were purely financial, and what started as a way to save money grew into what we have today over the period of about 7 years and 4 (5 in September!) babies :) What inspires me is our customers, people who become passionate and excited about cloth for whatever reason suits them. Seeing a mom and dad relieved that they won’t have the expense of disposables in this economy, seeing a family find a solution to their baby’s health problems caused by disposables, seeing a “green” family find an easy diapering solution they can feel good about…I do have to say the time I feel most satisfied with what I do is solving a rash problem or a washing issue problem. Families struggling with health issues or washing issues have a load lifted when they can finally diaper with ease and know their baby’s health is where it needs to be!
2. Recent best-seller at the shop? Long-term best-seller?
Both are really the same answers, sort of~ Bumgenius and Thirsties are our two best sellers, what changes is which product. Bumgenius was huge for us when their 1.0 pockets came out 6 years ago, and each version quickly will climb the sale charts. Thirsties is always evolving with their solutions as well and never disappoint our customers :)
3. What is your favorite “go-to” diaper? Your husband’s?
We are both huge personal fans of tiny tush one size pockets. While we have some stash diversity, they are a staple with our kids, excellent craftsmanship, aplix that lasts for years and multiple children, and generous sizing that has taken my children through potty training.
4. What detergent are you using right now on your diapers?
I am almost done with a 30 day test of the Thirsties pre-wash and super-wash, my go to for the past 7 years has been Tide powder.
5. Share your latest must-have baby item!
A good carrier (can it be non-diapering related? LOL) I would sell most everything in my house if I had to before I would part with my collection of Moby Wrap/BabyHawk and Ergo. I have my 5th coming in September, and I can’t go anywhere outside of the house without a comfortable carrier to keep my toddlers in reach, my son especially would bring the grocery store to the ground if he wasn’t on my back in the Ergo Sport, even at 6 months pregnant!
6. If you could give one tip to family’s starting to cloth diaper or finding ways to “go green” what would it be?
Keep it simple and don’t sweat the details. All you need to diaper is diapers. Accessories are just that, and washing is easy! If you have a hot wash cycle in your machine, you don’t need fancy detergents, ingredients or steps. Buy a prefold, cover and pocket. Bumgenius let’s you do one of each for 14 days risk-free, so grab a Flip with an organic insert, Bumgenius 4.0 and a Snappi. This gives you 3 different ways to diaper, technically you can hybrid, snappi and cover, or pocket the baby.  While you are using disposables, one day each week try one of the diapers. See what strikes your fancy and then go with it, don’t worry about the latest and greatest, if it works for you then simplicity can be a beautiful thing! We are lucky to live in a very diverse area, many of our “locals” are dual-income families who can only use cloth part time and weekends. It works, and is great that can be incorporated. Cloth doesn’t have to be “all or nothing”, and you don’t have to change your lifestyle. Stick your toe in the water (again, Bumgenius makes it easy), and see how you like it :)
7. We know this would never happen to a cloth diaper addict (or a cloth diaper retailer for that matter), but imagine your baby is wearing the last clean diaper and you need something to get you through until the diapers are finished washing. What do you do? 
     A. Leave them in the dirty diaper until the diapers are clean.
     B. Practice some E.C. time by leaving baby diaperless.
     C. Grab an old T-shirt and a snappy and call it a day.

     D. Other _________________ .
Oh, this has happened-LOL-with 6 to wash for in the house diapers will fall short from time to time. With the store being outside of my house now I can’t grab a spare 😉 I would say “D” what I usually do is when I get to the last one or two, I will use my pockets as covers, and use something absorbent (hand towel, thick wipes, dish rags) and fold them inside the pockets until drying time is done. Or, if it is summertime, great time to toss on a swim diaper and fill up the kiddie pool :)
I know I wouldn’t leave a dirty on, and with the karma in my house if I did EC I would forget my son had snuck a cup full of his sister’s apple juice and pay the price on my best rug, so I would say I would improvise. I know once before I did grab a doll diaper from the toy bin to use as a cover, but don’t tell my girls 😀

Use the coupon code ClothDiaperReport to save 5% on your order (5% off storewide, multiple uses, cannot be combined with other coupons, not good on Ergo and Beco (sorry, have to include the fine print!) and valid until September 1, 2011).


This is not a paid post, but a fun feature to introduce you to various stores and to give different shops some spotlight. Hope you enjoy it!

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By Emi Stapler. I am a cloth diaper advocate, green parenting blogger, mother of three and a military wife who enjoys sharing my motherhood adventures and advice. Follow me at The Cloth Diaper Report on Facebook, Twitter @TheCDReport , Google +, Pinterest and Instagram.

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