NoseFrida is Our New "Booger Sucker" of Choice

Spring allergies. At least that is my most recent theory is for my son’s severe congestion and frequent waking during the night. I know that it is common for breastfed babies to wake more often as breast milk is easily digestible, but we were down to 1-2 wakings at night almost 2 months ago, and the past month we are back up to 3-4 times and I am exhausted! He always had a little wheeziness or congestion, however, the doctor seemed to think that was just his narrow newborn nasal passages. The past two weeks, however, he has had an actual runny, stuffy nose and that is also when my hay fever began. Since babies breathe predominantly through their noses, it would make sense that he may have trouble breathing during the night, so I think this is the culprit of our evening “festivities”. 

It’s always a trial and error experiment with little ones though, isn’t it? When I was trying to rule out a dairy allergy the symptoms listed are similar to the symptoms of reflux, allergies and other ailments, so it can often be complicated to rule things out. We had just been using those typical bulb aspirators from the hospital I was using on him a couple times at night and it was always hard to tell how much I was getting out and he never enjoyed having it shoved up his nose. I also don’t like how I can’t see (or make sure) if it is completely clean even when I use soap and water or other methods to attempt to get it clean. 

The Nosefrida eliminates the need to shove something up into the nasal cavity and is a breeze to clean. Because the plastic is a clear blue and removable from the tubing, I can see if I have washed all the boogers away and you can also get various cleaning tools inside. It is also dishwasher safe, so if you need to toss it in your bottle basket for an extra good cleaning on occasion, you can! I recommend rinsing it right after you use it, because if the  dries up it us a little cumbersome to clean, although it is still significantly easier to clean than our bulb aspirator. I have also been using saline drops in conjunction with the Nosefrida to break up the mucus up in his nose and sinuses and it is a lovely combination that seems to be giving the little guy some relief. 

I use the Nosefrida a couple times a day and my son tolerates it well when he is fed and rested (even giggles at me as I use it), but does complain a little bit when he is tired. Still, it is night and day from what we were trying to use before and is less invasive while at the same time being more effective at getting all the snot out. We have had a few nights this week that have gone much better and although there are always multiple factors contributing to the well being or sleep of a baby, the Nosefrida does seem to be having a positive effect on reducing his congestion. 

I do find that the “reservoir” section does slip off from the tubing while I am trying to use it, so it does take a little getting used to in order to find the best position to have baby in and how to hold the aspirator, but you will get the hang of it pretty quickly (until baby changes his mind about how he wants to sit or decides it’s a good idea to yank at the tubing :-) ). I have never met an infant or toddler who hasn’t had multiple runny noses, colds or congestion, so this is definitely something you will want to have on hand and will definitely get tons of use (unlike half of your baby clothes or gear that get forgotten or just don’t work for your little ones). 

I also will mention that I tried the bulb aspirator on my now three-year-old the other week and  her nose is too big for it, but the Nosefrida works for anyone too little to blow their own nose and even an older kiddo who needs some extra help getting the ickies out. It looks strange, the sound when the snot it coming out makes me giggle like a school girl, but it really works and is starting to make my life (well, technically my son’s) just a little bit better. And at the end of a long day (or night) that is something to be pretty pleased about. 

The Nosefrida may be purchased on their website, and many retailers in stores and online.  

Order through their Facebook page (after you “Like” them) for 10% off or get free shipping at Nosefrida online with the purchase of two or more aspirators (this one for home and one for grandma’s house or as a shower gift).  

Samples of the products mentioned in the review were provided for this review. No other compensation was received and the views and opinions are my own.

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