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I am excited to start highlighting different cloth diaper and children stores in a monthly spotlight, and this month I will be starting with none other than my “local” cloth diaper and natural toy store Sprouting Up. I only use the quotation marks since it is still a 40 minute drive, but it’s always nice to have somewhere you can see products hands on and get to know other like-minded moms. 

I just stopped in this past week and ordered a Keekaroo chair (color choices pictured, right) for my little guy to start using here in a couple of months and I am excited as the delivery is anticipated to next week. My daughter can test it out in the meantime and if she really loves it, it would be tempting to get a second one for her. I remember having wanted a wooden high chair for my daughter, but didn’t get one after receiving a plastic one as a baby gift, plus I hadn’t discovered the “grow-with-me” ones that area  better investment in the long run. I feel better spending a little more money on a high chair that will be just a chair after the toddler years and not have to get stored, thrown out or passed on. 

Now to the fun part. The Q & A below will help you get to know Rebecca a little better as well as her best-selling items and it’s always neat to see different preferences and perspectives of a cloth diapering mama: 
Rebecca & Family
1. What inspired you to open your store? What continues to inspire you?
When my husband and I lived in Illinois I knew a friend Katie Field who runs Little Ants which at the time was an online only store selling wooden toys as well as cloth diapers and baby carriers. When we moved to Rolla, Missouri I knew there was a need for a place like hers where people could get cloth diapers and such. I knew a few people who cloth diapered already so I thought I’d give it a try. My main focus was being able to give people a physical place that they could go to and touch and feel the diapers and try on baby carriers. I had always hated buying online and not knowing what I was going to be getting. Thus Sprouting Up was born! It started in a room of my house and now it is an attached space right alongside my house. This way I could be at home with my kids while running my business. Having the store at my home has allowed me to be competitive price wise with other larger stores.

While I started out with the goal of giving those who already cloth diapered a place to shop local I am inspired today by all of the new moms who are willing to give cloth a try! I personally try out almost EVERYTHING in our store to be sure it really works! It’s a fun job and helps me to give great advice to my customers. I know there are a lot of diapers out there and people can get overwhelmed but I try to simplify the process of cloth diapering by offering very reliable diapering products for those just starting out as well as those veteran cloth diaperers out there.  

2. Recent best-seller at the shop? Long-term best-seller?
Rocking Green detergent is a very hot item here in Missouri where hard water is an issue. Gro-Via covers are a huge seller as well. Whether paired with their snap in organic cotton insert or just with a prefold they are a great one size cover! Not to mention their new prints are adorable! Long term best sellers are definitely the bumGenius pocket diapers and the Flip all in two diapering system (by the makers of bumGenius). 
3. What is your favorite “go-to” diaper? Your husband’s?

Our son is two months old but is already over 15#! At this point my husband and I have the same favorite. It is the Easy Fit diaper by Tots Bots. My husband like it because it is a pocket that unstuffs itself  in the washer and the liner stays attached to the pocket so he can just grab it out of the basket of “to be folded” diapers stuff and go! No searching for the right insert. I love the fit and the aplix closures are fast and have NEVER come undone in the wash/dry cycle. I also like that it is made in Scotland.

I also really like the Fuzzi Bunz size small pocket diaper (it’s the softest diaper all over!) And of course I like my BG 4.0 for nights.
4. What detergent are you using right now on your diapers? 
I use the Charlies powder on everything we own. I have been using it for three years on a front loading machine while diapering a toddler and now on our newborn. It works great! I will qualify this by saying we have a water softener and very soft water. I find that people with harder water do better with the Rockin green detergent. I will say though, the Charlies All purpose spray is a must have for any water type. It gets EVERYTHING out of clothes from dirt, food, to spit up stains and poop. You can also dilute it and use it as a cleaner. In our house we use: Charlies, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to clean everything. No more harsh chemicals needed!
Sprouting Up Store
5. Share your latest must-have baby item!
Boobs!  LOL just kidding… With my 2 month old baby we use a lot of cloth diapers and a lot of carriers. I LOVE my ring sling and my wrap right now and my husband loves the BabyHawk (it’ a little easier to put on than a wrap and a little more secure than a ring sling). Other than that right now we are in an easy stage…. You don’t need a lot to care for your baby just lots of love and lots of time :)  My husband mentioned the Keekaroo adjustable wooden chair has been a big help for my older kids (2 and 5) because they can climb up and down safely themselves as my hands are most often filled with our baby.
6. If you could give one tip to family’s starting to cloth diaper or finding ways to “go green” what would it be?

Just start!  A lot of people are worried about spending a lot of money on the wrong diapers. I suggest starting out slow with 6 diapers and see how it goes. If at all possible talk to a veteran cloth diaperer about what they like. But more importantly to find out what will work for you. We sell lots of different types of diapers because different things work for different people. I am happy to chat with anyone and help them to make a good decision even if you don’t buy from me (217-778-7599 or The idea is to help moms get into cloth. Remember even if you can keep three disposables out of the landfill a day you are doing a tremendous good! Don’t get bogged down with all or nothing. 

If you have no idea where to start I recommend buying 2 BG pockets, 2 Happy Heiny (new improved) pockets, 1 FLIP all in two, and 1 Gro-Via all in two. This will give you a great place to start. You can start with less of course and build up. I would also recommend you start with new diapers if you are just switching. You want to be sure any issues you have are in the design of the diapers themselves not that they weren’t properly cared for or have bad pul or bad elastic etc. Once you get into the swing of things you can find great deals on used diapers if you wish.
7. We know this would never happen to a cloth diaper addict (or a cloth diaper retailer for that matter), but imagine your baby is wearing the last clean diaper and you need something to get you through until the diapers are finished washing. What do you do?  
     A. Leave them in the dirty diaper until the diapers are clean.
     B. Practice some E.C. time by leaving baby diaperless.
     C. Grab an old T-shirt and a snappy and call it  a day.
     D. Other _________________ .
I am a “C” type of gal myself. One thing I love about cloth diapers is you can really use most anything to diaper your baby! I also love the EC idea and am working on that with our new little one. since we are in the beginning stages I still like to have something covering his bum. 

Rebecca has offered TCDR readers a 10% off coupon code through the end of April. Enter “TCDR10” at checkout. 

Support Rebecca and her business by heading over to Sprouting Up online and seeing what goodies she has in stock and take advantage of the coupon code above. She also offers free shipping on orders $75+. I’m telling you if you’re in the market for a Keekaroo they are on sale, plus you can use the coupon code above and get a lovely deal on a great chair. They are also significantly cheaper than some other similar products out there, which is what originally drew me to it. She also carries many popular brands such as GroVia and bumGenius, wooden toys, carriers and more. 


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