I.D. Me Labels School & Camp Label Review & Coupon Code

So I registered my little guy for the military post hourly care program on Friday, which also enrolls him to be eligible to participate in swim lessons or other activities the Child Youth Services on base provide (we hope to start the kids in swim lessons this summer!). Granted I don’t have any plans on putting him in hourly care quite yet, I needed to renew my daughter’s yearly enrollment and it’ll be easier just to have them on the same renewal cycle. It’s also nice to have a back-up in case I need to find care for him and I don’t have any friends available to help out. Once sister starts preschool in the fall he may go to hourly care one morning a week so I can get some work done, he can socialize and all that fun stuff so this review came at a good time. 

Whether your kids go to hourly care, daycare, school, camp, the nursery at church or to a friend’s house there are a million things from sippy cups to back packs that are bound to get left behind or mixed up with someone else’s. Writing in permanent marker can bleed or make if harder to pass the items on after your little ones have outgrown them, and those white label stickers fall off or need to be removed in the wash. I customized these for my son and have used the to label his pacifier, blankets and swipe card for the daycare and other activities (so we don’t get the key tag mixed up with sister’s). I have refrained from putting them on his clothes or other baby gear quite yet as he will inevitably outgrow his current clothing size before we have any planned trips away from mom. I was, however, able to test the clothing labels in the wash on his blankets and the waterproof nature of the other stickers on his pacifier. 

I was quite interested to see how the I.D. Me name labels held up in the dishwasher, microwave and washing machine and how well they stuck. So far, they seem stuck on nice and tight. The binky label is the true test, since it is probably the baby gear used the most frequently, and although the sticker is getting some fading around the edges from a couple weeks of use it is not peeling or fading to the extent that it cannot be read. The larger labels and clothing labels, like the one on his blanket, seem to be holding up longer, since the binky/bib labels are smaller than a dime, thus they will inevitably take a beating sooner. So the key word is that they are fade resistant is that they fade slower than other every day stickers or labels would and they are not fade proof

What I really like about these labels is that they come in many shapes, sizes, styles and are reusable in the sense that they can be washed and dried. The current labeling stickers at the daycare are just the plain, white office stickers and  often fall off during the morning and need to be re-written for each visit. I will be able to mark my son’s bag, bibs, binkies and other baby gear with these stickers so his things won’t get misplaced and I can keep track as many things as possible. Have more than one kid you want to label up for summer activities, school or elsewhere? Just customize it with a last name and you will be able to use them on any of their gear or on things that are used by multiple family members. 

Summer is just around the corner and if your kids are attending any day camps, they have camp labels (example of a set also pictured above) and other combinations of sticker sets available to fit different family’s needs. And any stickers you have left from the summer will be perfect for school lables in the fall.

Use the coupon code “camp10” to save 10% at checkout. 

Samples of the products mentioned in the review were provided for this review. No other compensation was received and the views and opinions are my own.

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