Peachy Green Diapers (formerly Bright Star Baby) All-in-One Cloth Diaper Review

It’s bittersweet to be thinking that this may be the last diaper I officially reviewed on my daughter although I may try a one size on her from time to time to test out the size range of a product. She has been potty trained for a while, but still needs a diaper overnight and occasionally for nap time (she wore one during nap time a good portion of this review, since we had been putting one on just in case). We may still come across a overnight training pant or “diaper” for her to put to the test, but this is probably the end for her diaper reviewing. 

What better diaper to end with than this bright star Ultimate Trim Fit All-in-One Diaper, because we loved it! It has a soft organic inner layer, a snap-in tongue style soaker that can be adjusted to accommodate to different wet zones and a doubler that securely snaps on to the soaker for heavy wetters and overnight. It comes in three sizes (0, 1, 2), and although I reviewed a size 2 on my daughter it seems that many babies could go from (around) birth to potty training in just a size 1. We reviewed an orange-colored diaper, but there are a wide range of colors and patterns available and I adore the pirate T-shirt sets and ninja prints as I am on the look out for some boyish prints for my new little guy. 

These diapers are made in the U.S.A. and I love the adjustability of the wet zones the snap-in soaker and doubler (sold separately) has. Potty training? Because the soaker snaps into the diaper first you can just snap the doubler in and the waist elastic is stretchy enough you should be able to pull them up and down on most kiddos. Want a trim fit or moderate absorption, just snap in the main soaker, and finally, for heavy wetters and overnight snap-in both the doubler and the soaker. This combination will get many children overnight, although in my daughter’s heaviest overnight wetting days (well, years :-)) she would have needed a little more absorption. Depending on the size and age of your little one, you could add additional doublers, but may find that you need to size up to make sure the leg elastic and diaper properly secure around the stack of soakers! 

These diapers are soft, absorbent, trim, adjustable and reasonably priced for being organic. Although they do not have any synthetic or stay-dry materials on the inside of the diaper, you could set a stay dry liner on top for overnight or if that is your preference. I like how secure the snap-in soakers and doublers are and I have never had them unsnap during the washing or drying process like some diapers do from time to time. Tongue styled soakers can be intimidating or a hassle to finagle, but these are pretty user friendly and stay in good condition wash after wash. Oh, and no uneven shrinking!! That is one of the “OCD moments” I secretly have with natural fibers that aren’t pre-washed before manufacturing, so I always get excited when they wash up and stay nice, flat and even.  All in all a great organic buy.

Overall Rating: 9.5

Overall Fit: 9.5

Style: Sized/AIO

Size/Weight Range: Size 0 (7-16 lbs.), Size 1 (12-28 lbs.), Size 2 (24-35 lbs.)

Closure Style: Snaps, two on each size, vertical

Ease of Use: 10

Absorption/Inserts: This diaper includes one adjustable snap-in soaker that is designed to dry quickly, but also allow the user to customize the absorption in the wetzones. It is absorbent and a snap-in hemp doubler (a.k.a. booster) or two can be added for heavy wetters, overnight or older children.

Materials Used: Bamboo, organic cotton fleece, hemp (doubler), PUL

Durability: 9

Pocket Opening:  None

Rise: Moderate/High

Waist:  Great adjustability with four sets of snap settings on each side.

Thighs: Soft on thighs and good containment.

Casing/ Elastic Style: Unchanneled

Affordability: $$$$

Cost: $20.95 (solids), $21.95 (prints) and multi-pack savings available.

Samples of the products mentioned in the review were provided for this review. No other compensation was received and the views and opinions are my own.

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  1. Corrie Dunkelberger says:

    Ive been eyeing these for a long time! I really want to try one!

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