Baby Magic Patty Cake Dustless Baby Powder Review

Honestly, when I was pregnant and even after I had my daughter I didn’t really get the whole baby powder thing. It seemed kind of antiquated as I didn’t really know anyone that used it and I knew there were risks and issues that came along with talc– the most common ingredient previously found in baby powders. Many, if not most, baby powder formulas have thankfully moved in the talc-free direction using ingredients such as cornstarch in its place, but they are still an inhalation risk or just plain messy. 

Baby Magic has recently released a dustless baby powder  that reminds me of a foundation compact. It’s easy to toss in your diaper bag or purse and uses disposable cosmetic rounds for a clean, hygienic application. It is talc-free, however, does contain zinc oxide so cloth diaper users will need to use caution (use diaper liners or save it for when you are using disposable inserts or ‘sposies) to avoid potential build-up in your diaper fabrics. 

The package comes with 10 disposable cosmetic rounds to get your started, however, as a “green minded” mom I would recommend purchasing or sewing reusable cosmetic rounds to use with this, since you can wash and reuse them while still keeping the compact clean and germ-free.  Then just toss them in the hamper along with your baby clothes and you are good to go. The powder goes on much like a foundation would on your face and I almost couldn’t tell that the powder was on until I ran my hand on my son’s bottom and felt the silky baby powder-like feeling. I am thinking that zinc-oxide based diaper cream users may find that they like this product over the messy, thick, moist, non-breathable white creams as it is easier to get an even, accurate application. 

It is definitely a product many moms will enjoy particularly as the summer months approach and you want to keep baby’s bottom or skin dry to avoid diaper or heat rash.  This compact creates less mess and less waste compared to baby powders that need to be shaken out of a bottle, and it is not limited to diaper changes. It even made a non-baby powder user and predominantly cloth diaper user like myself think that it was small and compact enough to toss in the diaper bag just in case. I like it doesn’t have to be just used for keeping bottoms dry and it may be a asset in the summer months to keep my little guy’s creases dry and I have heard great things about baby powder getting sand off! 

Baby Magic is available at select retailers such as Walgreens and Babies R Us and check out their coupon in Smart Source.

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