Music Monday: How Old Were Your Kids When they Saw They’re First Live Show?

So I have seen ads here and there over the past year for live shows, but figured my daughter was too young to appreciate it for the cost and the trip it would require to go and see one. Now that she is approaching three I think she is old enough where she would have a blast since we have been listening to a couple of CDs featuring songs from the live performances of Franklin and the Adventures of the Noble Nights and Max & Ruby Bunny Party. She really enjoys the Franklin CD and is starting to ask for books and DVDs and already being a fan of the Nick Jr. series Max & Ruby, she already knows every song on the live performance CD by heart. 

Although the Franklin tour has just wrapped up, the Max & Ruby Bunny Party is just about to begin and it would be especially exciting for my daughter now that she knows the songs from the live performance as well. When we first started listening to the CD I didn’t think she’d get some of the interactive parts of the lyrics, but she surprisingly caught on quickly and  like to incorporate some aspects of it when we role play Max & Ruby at home. I am not sure if a 3-5 hour drive to the nearest show that fits our schedule will be worth it, but the tour won’t be coming through our neck of the woods for almost three more months so with some planning it could be worth it. 

If not this show, I would definitely consider seeing another live performance or ice show if the opportunity arises and the timing and price are right. And now that I had the opportunity to listen to a live performance CD I think it can also serve as a great introduction for kids before taking them to a live show so that it is familiar to them. How old were your kids when you started attending live shows or when do you plan on taking them? 

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