Flashbacks of the Kobe Earthquake of ’95

The past week has been “one of those weeks” in many ways and I attribute one of the reasons to the earthquake in Sendai, Japan last week. My parents and father’s side of the family all reside in Japan and thankfully they are all pretty far south from the recent tragedy. They still felt the earthquake and my mother thought she was having a dizzy spell for a moment. Crazy, isn’t it? The earthquake was so massive that is was felt at least 10 hours southwest. 

Earthquakes aren’t new to Japan, although one of this magnitude is shocking to anyone, and I actually went through one of the last major ‘quakes back in 1995. It was the Kobe Earthquake or Great Hanshin Earthquake if you are curious in looking it up. I have heard it mentioned on the news here and there, since it was one of the last tragic earthquakes the world may remember in Japan. After a couple days of being glued to the TV during naptime (when I usually try to blog) and answering phone calls and emails from friends and family concerned about parents, I am trying not to watch the news as much anymore. It just makes me anxious as I remember way too clearly the months and years it took my city to recover. 

I was 11-years-old and it was during the cold months of January, so I remember how cold it was without any heat and with shattered glass doors which opened up to a cold, wintry veranda in our apartment. No water for a month, no gas or heat for two months and the city and neighborhoods in shambles. I could go on and on about my memories and experiences and the empathy and sorrow I feel for the people there, but I don’t want this to turn into self-therapy ramblings. I am praying for them, know that they can find peace and hope and will rebuild as they always have. The weeks, months and years they have ahead of them in the Sendai area will be hard, but I have this bitter-sweet feeling of knowing what they are suffering, yet the hope I have knowing they will come out of this even stronger than before. 

Did you hear the story of the 4-month-old baby girl who was rescued among thousands of dead bodies? Especially with an almost 3 month old baby it is a miracle that touches my heart and the hope the Japanese people need to cling to during this time of tragedy. I encourage you to send aid their way in any way you can, whether in prayer or donations, they really need it! 

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