Bamboobies Organic Nursing Pads Review

Hands down these are my favorite reusable nursing pads out of the 5-6 brands I own. They are as trim as disposables, I haven’t leaked while wearing them and the heart shape isn’t just adorable– it alleviates bunched fabric or visible lines. My husband chuckles that they are like nursing lingerie, so you feel cuter and sexier during the early weeks and months you feel like a bovine.  My little guy nurses every 2 hours, sometimes every 90 minutes and this week has only been giving me a 3-5 hour stretch once overnight if I’m lucky. So cute and sexy nursing pads are very welcome here!

Speaking of overnight, Bamboobies come in two models. One is the original style I mentioned above and the second is a thick overnight version made of soft organic bamboo against the skin and a hemp core. My two month old has only given me a handful of 7 hour overnight stretches the past month during this review, and not always while I was wearing them if they were in the wash, so I can’t attest to how much leakage they will absorb, but they do look and feel bullet-proof. These are not heart shaped as they are thick and bulky enough that they would show lines no matter what size or shape they were in and I’d like to think they serve as a little bit of a boobie pillow when they get engorged and uncomfortable during an overnight stretch. 

Cute. Trim. Absorbent. What’s not to love? Visit Bamboobies online to learn more about their products and company.

Save 20% off your order at with the coupon code “TCDR20” at checkout. Plus take advantage of their limited time offer of free shipping to celebrate their first birthday!

Samples of the products mentioned in the review were provided for this review. No other compensation was received and the views and opinions are my own.

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