3M Natural View Screen Protector Review

Whether or not you have kids, your phone is subject to daily abuse. It gets dropped, tossed around, smothered by sticky toddler fingers, crammed in your purse next to your keys and the list goes on. My husband and I both have iPhone 3Gs and if we aren’t abusing them my daughter is playing games or navigating YouTube and getting who-knows-what all over the screen. 

3M has recently launched a new line of Natural View Screen Protectors that aim to protect your smartphones like never before without compromising the screen image or ease of application and removal. They promise to provide a crystal clear image, scratch and smudge resistance, easy application and removal and, get this: a lifetime warranty. 

Both my husband and my previous screen protectors had seen their day by the time this review rolled around. My husband’s was far worse than mine after he dropped his phone in some gravel a while back, and he had been using the old screen protector with permanent scratches on it. We did not go as far as dropping our phones in the gravel on purpose to see how these new screen protectors compared (sorry but this review doesn’t cover a replacement phone if it were to have done permanent damage :-)), but I noticed a significantly clearer image after we applied the new screen protectors. 

It was pretty easy to apply, doesn’t leave any residue and the packaging comes with a squeegee to press the air bubbles out while applying it to your screen. I thought the packaging was pretty ingenious, because the part of the packaging that allows it to be hung on display at the store is the piece that serves as the applicator– and is a similar material to that of the credit card that you would grab out of your wallet to use for this step. I took a screen shot of the product application video (to the right) so you can visualize what I am talking about. 

The package came with two protectors so we decided to update each of our phones, but if you only have one phone to protect it would give you a back-up protector to use at a later time. I think this is also nice, because phones get outdated so quickly that you know you can have an extra screen protector for your particular model of phone in case they stop making them down the line while you are still using it– our iPhone 3Gs being an example of this since the 4Gs on the market for a little while now. 

The video below gives an overall product overview and I love the clip of the kitten trying to scratch the animated video of goldfish going across an iPad screen :-)  My husband ordered an iPad2 for his birthday this month which he is anxiously awaiting, and another 3M Natural View Screen Protector may be a good investment for that to protect it from our kids, cats, dogs and clumsy selves. 

To view their entire collection of screen protectors,find a retailer and to learn more about this and other 3M products, visit the 3M Natural View Screen Protector website

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of 3M and received a Natural View Screen Protector to facilitate my review and a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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