USDA’s Deregulation of GE Alfalfa Will Affect Organic Farmers

I received this information from Stonyfield, which is our family’s favorite brand for dairy products, and thought I’d pass on the information. If you want to help them in their “call-to action” or just want more information about additional GE and GMO containing foods that may result from this decision read Stonyfield’s message below:

Last week, the USDA announced its decision to “deregulate” genetically engineered (GE) alfalfa, allowing the unrestricted use of this controversial crop.   

This is a decision that will have a huge impact on all of us.  Alfalfa is an important crop as many organic dairy farmers use it for hay.  Despite a growing body of scientific evidence against GE crops, the USDA decided to allow planting of GE alfalfa without any oversight or protections for organic farmers. We believe that the USDA decision favors the interests of Monsanto and the biotech industry, and this decision deals a major blow to both organic farming and the public’s right to choose foods free of GE (also known as GMO) contamination.
We know many of you care deeply, as we do, about being able to feed ourselves and families food that is free of GE ingredients.  We invite you to join us in sharing an important call-to-action with your on-line and off-line communities. Together we can make a difference.  
You can contact the White House directly to express your opinion on the USDA decision: 

Please read this letter from Maria Rodale, Michael Pollan and other organic advocates to learn more: 

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  1. Tamara B. says:

    That is so rediculous! I too love Stoneyfields products and sad to have read this!

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