Slipped Discs to Jogging Strollers: Events that Pave a Path to Creative Parenting

Do any of you mamas have back problems or other ailments that most people would view as handicaps? Well my biggest challenge was back in 2009 when I was in a wheelchair for almost 6 months followed by walkers and canes during rehab and that was tough with a 1 year old, but I also have a history of back problems. It started with a slipped disc about 4.5 years ago and after a lot of chiropractic work, yoga for alignment and strengthening and massages it was in pretty good shape. Some occasional back pain or strain here and there, but I have been clear of any major issues. Two pregnancies, a clingy first baby that spent a lot of time in carriers, car accident and extra mama pounds later I slipped a disc again this week. Ouch.

I was sitting at the computer desk with my newborn and leaned forward to stand up and snap I knew right away as I felt the sharp pain that it had happened. Then all the shoulda-coulda-wouldas went through my head as I slacked on maintaining my back health after I regained strength years back. I was stuck in the chair for two hours until my husband came home and luckily my toddler is old enough and pretty bright for her age– I had her bringing my bags of frozen vegetables so that I could ice my back and pillows so I could nurse our little guy. Boy do I wish we had proper office furniture like a rolling chair rather than a dining room one and I could have been wheeling around the living room and kitchen getting things done. But there’s no way of telling where it would have happened and if things would have been worse had I been sitting somewhere else or heaven forbid been standing or in a situation that would have put my new little baby at risk of being dropped. And thank goodness for email and cell phones! 

I hate that helpless feeling when you can’t care for your kiddos the way you want to and know how, but it also leads to some creative parenting! After a friend came over to help tend to my kiddos since my hubby has been at work and working many night this week I came up with a stroller bassinet out of our infant carseat and jogging stroller. I am really putting its “all-terrain” wheels to the test in the house with a toddler and 4 pets running around! I am on the mend and after having to use a walker the first day to shuffle around the house (luckily it was still in the garage from a couple years back!), I was able to use the stroller as my support as I wheeled him around the house. I have my phone, water, meds and other essentials in the cup holders of the stroller and my diaper station is in the basket below. Between this event and the terrible ice and snow that has kept most of the town home-bound, I am particularly grateful for cloth diapers :-) 

Luckily my hubby is home for the weekend and I will be able to continue to rest and ice my back and have extra hands to get all the chores done! I have been coming up with creative ways to tend to my newborn and toddler’s needs, but got thinking that’s what parenting is all about, isn’t it? Adapting and accommodating to life’s events, changes and your kids’ personalities or needs.What has been your most recent or most memorable creative parenting moment? I know I am not the only one with physical or other set backs that lead us moms to stretch our brains and find ways to be all that we can for our children. Any experiences or ideas you would like to share would be lovely (and although I have been through this before and grew up with a mom who struggled from back problems, if you have any secrets up your sleeve for back pain, send them my way!)

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  1. Ouch! You poor thing! I don't have back trouble but parenting is hard enough with out being in pain. Feel better soon!

  2. OH my goodness! Prayers with you for a quick recovery & some relief!!

    It's not really creative at all, but my latest adaptive parenting moment has been gating off the living room as the only place where the kids play. For me, this was hard to do and not intuitive. I have let my kids roam the house & set boundaries, so they are comfortable in any environment with following the rules and getting into things…but I am getting bigger & pregnant-er by the moment, and I just can't help pick up the toys as before (I have a tendency towards back problems too).

    Now the perk is…I've been able to keep the house a little cleaner.

    I'm sure there's more. I can't think of any…but I LOVE your stroller idea!

    But again, hoping it won't be as huge of a necessity for long!

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