Holiday Gift Idea: Applique the Easy Way & Make Affordable, Personal Gifts for the Holidays

With about 10 days to wrap up holiday shopping for Christmas, you may be stuck on some ideas or running out of funds. A great personalized, affordable gift idea is to appliqué! And it’s perfect for any time of the year actually, and would be great for birthday or shower gifts. Whether you buy placemats, onesies or other items to save time, or save make everything by hand, has a great guide to easy appliqué, with or without a sewing machine! They also have hundreds of easy and intermediate sewing patterns to choose from that you can purchase immediately and print out in the comfort of your own home. There are even a handful of free patterns for you to download!

I had the opportunity to review their “How to Appliqué the Easy Way” tutorial with their Child’s No-tie Apron pattern (which I highly recommend to you mamas for the kiddos helping out in the kitchen, to use as large bibs or as smocks for art projects) and am proud to have finished my first appliqué ever! With some planning it can be a naptime or evening project, but you can break it up into a few days/evenings to get it done from start to finish. For the apron pattern I printed, cut and taped together the pattern and skimmed over the directions one day, cut the fabric another day and sewed the apron together a third day. It could all be done in a few hours from start to finish though as long as you have the fabric, binding and other supplies on hand.

I recommend buying the binding, because it’s easier and saves time and although I love the ruffles on the apron, I decided to keep it simple for my first round with the pattern. The apron pattern directions were clear and I was able to make a cute little apron for my daughter, which will go perfectly with the wooden kitchen Santa is going to deliver on Christmas! 

Their method of appliqué was easy to follow and although the flower pattern I drew myself was a big curvy to tackle for my first appliqué I don’t think most people will notice the tiny imperfections. I am in search of a cute, yellow button to sew in the middle of the flower which will create some dimension and I can avoid having to appliqué a tiny circle in the middle :-) It will be a lovely gift I can’t wait to take pictures of my daughter wearing with her new play kitchen or around the house after Christmas!

For more project ideas, patterns and tutorials, visit for inspiration. 

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  1. How can you do applique without a sewing machine? I'd love to know. I've seen these adorable shirts that use kids feet/hands to make a 'reindeer' and show how adorably tiny their hands/feet are (it's a foot in a shoe as reindeer face and the 2 hands spread out as antlers). anyway, I know it's applique, but I dont know how you'd do it without a sewing machine? If you have like, 10 seconds to give me an idea (if you have one) I'd love you forever, or something equally not creepy. jill dot shoemaker at gmail dot com.

  2. The website you provided is helpful and I love the idea of doing this as a gift for someone.

  3. I think this is so pretty, and a way to turn somethng old into something new, but I doubt I could ever do it. I musty say you do a fine job, it looks really pretty

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