Pregnancy & New Baby Event: Organic Bella Band Review

Being comfortable during the +/- 40 weeks your are baking your little bun in the oven can often be an impossible task. In the first trimester your clothes are too tight, but you still don’t fit into your maternity clothes and you are feeling nauseous. The second trimester your maternity clothes may still be a little roomy and you need help keeping them up, but otherwise you’re feeling a lot better than the months before. By the third trimester, your big ‘ol tummy keeps pushing your maternity pants down, you feel like you are lugging the world’s largest fanny pack around and have all the aches and pains that go along with it.

The Bella Band is one of those maternity purchases you don’t have to feel so guilty about (I know I always spend more than I should, because I get so tired of wearing the same handful of maternity clothes!), because it’s something you can use beyond the 9 months you are pregnant. It allows you to wear your pre-pregnancy clothing during the first trimester and postpartum, keeps your maternity bottoms from sagging or slipping down, and can also provide support for your growing tummy or be used as a little tummy cover when you are breastfeeding. 

I was able to review this band for the end of my first trimester, all of my second trimester and up until now during my third trimester, so I feel like I have a good idea about many of the uses of the product. I started this pregnancy with some extra mama pounds compared to my first pregnancy, so I actually started to wear my old maternity clothes pretty early. I was able to use it with a couple postpartum or roomier jeans I had, unbuttoned, to add to my wardrobe a little and have used it the most with my panel waist bottoms. These are the only style of bottoms that have truly felt comfortable this pregnancy, especially during the second half of my second trimester and now in my third. The belly panel-style bottoms, however, would slide down a lot during the second trimester and the Bella Band was helpful in adding some extra support to keep them up. 

The only downside of the extra layer is that it is one more thing to wrestle with when you are making your emergency toilet runs with your weak (and what seems like pea-sized) bladder, but otherwise it is a great, versatile product to have in your maternity wardrobe. It is seamless, which is lovely, because there are inevitably extra lines and fabric that come along with maternity clothes, and one less item to add to this is nice. 

The Bella Band is available in white, black and sand for the organic version, however, additional colors and styles are available in the Everyday Collection. I was also excited to see that Ingrid & Isabel also has camis, tanks, leggings, skirts and other essentials available. They look uber comfortable and if they are a similar knit material to the Bella Band they are sure to be fantastic! To learn more about the Bella Band, to see their full collection or to find a retailer near you, visit Ingrid & Isabel’s website

A sample of the product mentioned in the review was provided for this review. No other compensation was received and the views and opinions are my own.

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  1. dannyscotland says:

    How did it do in the back? I have a couple of these kinds of products–not this brand–and no matter what I do (I am not pregnant) they still ride up in the back like my shirts do. I wanted them to cover the space between my shirts and pants, but they don't seem to work well for this unless I pull them down halfway over my tush. Not a good look! Thanks!

  2. I didn't have that problem personally and I haven't tried any other brands so I'm not sure if the fabric or the way they do the seams are the same/different. Pull up the close up picture on their website and compare it to the ones you have to see if this one might be a little different?

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