Pregnancy & New Baby Event: Ask the Moms "Do You Keep Both a Single & Double Stroller?"

This is what is on my mind today! I just got a double jogging stroller and it’s the only double stroller I will be using for walking and exercising, the mall etc. I was planning on selling my single jogging stroller, then my friend recommended to me that I keep both, because that I may still want to keep it around when my daughter starts preschool and I only have one with me; or when I’m babywearing the one and pushing the other. She says she wishes she had both now that she just had her second baby this fall. At the same time, the single jogging stroller is in such good condition it would be nice to get a little money for holiday shopping– What do you mamas with more than one kiddo do? Do you keep both a single and a double stroller? Just one or the other? Obviously the age difference between your kiddos is a factor, too, but I’d love to know what works for you, what you wish you would have done or what you plan on doing!

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  1. Heidi Jane Blankets says:

    I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old and one due 1/1. I have only one stroller and it's a single. My 4 year old is old enough to listen and stay by, if not they have those backpack leashes. Also, for the newborn I will use an infant carrier or snugglie. I think double stroller money can be used for more useful things! But if I had money to spare, I would probably get one since I love to spend money lol.

  2. I actually have a lot of strollers, LOL. I have an umbrella single, and both a single & double jogger, and the stroller that came with the infant car seat.

    I'm due with my 3rd in March, and all 3 are 2 years apart. (Oldest is almost 4).

    I think it depends on the stroller you have & it's condition, how much you'll get for it, and the area you live in…and how badly you need the extra cash.

    Right now, I'm keeping my single jogger. The area I'm in, I can't sell it for what it's worth. When we move to an area where baby things sell faster and for more, I'm going to sell it. Then, when I need another single jogger (IF I need one, I'm not so sure about this scenario), I can buy one.

    I think with the spacing of my kids, I will still need a double for a while. And, by the time I'd be down to one in a jogger, we'll be better off financially to buy it again…or my hubby will watch the kids while I run, who knows?

  3. I've been through so many strollers, it's crazy.
    I got a double stroller when I had my 2nd baby. I kept it, but when my oldest went to preschool I found I needed a single. I got a Combi single. A couple years later I was pregnant again. I didn't think I'd need a double stroller (my husband didn't like the one we had, a side by side) so I sold that & got a heavy duty single stroller. I loved it until it malfunctioned, then I got rid of it. I also ended up needing a double stroller, I was lucky to find a front to back for a good price, used. My husband didn't mind it, but it felt like I was steering a bus. I got rid of it after a few months.
    I got another single Combi stroller. These are great since they are light weight but recline all the way, drive well, etc.
    I just got a double Phil & Ted, used. It converts to a single when I need it, but I can use the extra seat for more storage if I want.

    I say, keep both, or sell the single jogger but buy a small single stroller.

  4. MStrickland96 says:

    I have an 11 month old and am 12 weeks pregnant, I will probably keep my single and get a double. Just in case :) There will be times I only have one right? That's my plan at least haha

  5. Kristen & Cliff says:

    We have three kids 4 months, 6 and 7. When the oldest were younger (15 months apart) we got a double jogger and just a cheapie single umbrella stroller. We never needed any other. The oldest would sometimes want out of the double jogger but eventually would get back in. sometimes a friends kid would hitch a ride. But I never would have needed the single jogger. Now with our 4 month old we went and bought a new single jogger and sold our double jogger for $,

  6. Debbie Carriere says:

    When my 3rd was born 18 months ago, my older two were 4 & 19 months. I sold my single BOB to get a double. Boy, do I wish I kept the single. The double has gotten a lot of use, but there have been a ton of times that my middle wanted to stay home with Dad when I wanted to go for an after dinner walk. I just put one in the double, but now that my older ones are in pre-school & kindergarten I wish I had my single again. So, if you aren't in desperate need of $ – keep it :)

  7. Crystal Biehl says:

    I have both! I only have one kid but I babysit another 2 and it's nice to have one when it's just me and my boy. And the double is obviously nice when I have the others! Your friend had good advice!

  8. I tended to get rid of them and then buying a new one, because I ended up needing another single. Well that was before the twins anyway… now we definitely need doubles! LOL

  9. I am expecting my second daughter and I will keep my single stroller and my parents bought me a double. I think it'll be nice to have both… especially for trips where my "double-wide" won't be as convenient… Farm market has very narrow walkways for us! Storage of all my options is a little tight but the garage is working for now

  10. Attila & Tamara says:

    We have 2 young children: ages 2 1/2 and 3 months. We bought a Joovy Utralight which is a sit and stand type that is small enough that I can take it with one child and not feel like I'm hauling a big double stroller. We also have a good quality umbrella stroller (Chicco). So far it is working well for us. I often have the baby in an Ergo or Baby Bjorn, as well.

  11. I wish I kept my single. I have a 2 1/2 year old and an 11 month old. I bought my double to keep up with my morning walks. I now send my oldest to preschool a few mornings a week and pushing one kid in a double stroller is not the most ideal situation. Also, my 2 1/2 year old…who formerly loved long walks in the stroller…has totally formed a hatred of the stroller. Sure wish I had my single again. :(

  12. Mrs.Smitty says:

    I'm preg with #2 and I plan on keeping my single and getting a double as well. I can just imagine the different settings I'd rather have 1 seat or 2 seats etc..

  13. The Carrolls says:

    my dds are 28 months apart. I keep both because sometime dd1 wants to walk – and our double stroller is super heavy compared to the single….so I prefer not using the double if i don't have to. BUT – perhaps your newer model is lightweight & handles better than my hand me down. Our single is a goodwill find – so It is more valuable to me than the $ I could get selling it.

  14. I have a double and a single, but I wish I had a triple. Not a side by side one, though. Instead, 4 year old either walks while 2 and new ride, or 4 and 2 ride while I wear new.

  15. i kept both and did not regret it! It was nice for me when we had my niece over and we'd go for walks! I found it very helpful to have options. I just wish they were easier to store!!!

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