My Truvia 30-Day Challenge

I have a sweet tooth and it sometimes gets the best of me. Especially when I’m pregnant and it’s so much easier to rationalize extra treats! After gaining twice the recommended weight between my last OB appointments, I am trying harder than ever to eat healthier. Sure I eat fruits and veggies, but it’s those sweet treats and Halloween candy that is getting the best of me! I was recently given the opportunity to switch out my current sweetener (sugar or Splenda) for Truvia and test it out. 

There is controversy with a lot of sugar substitutes currently on the market and although I don’t claim to be an expert on them, I was pleased to find out that Truvia is derived from a natural source rather than being an engineered sugar substitute. I feel comfortable using it in moderation during my pregnancy, and have been using it in my herbal teas and sprinkling it over my plain cheerios for some non-calorie sweetness! That has been my favorite application so far, since I am a sucker for sweet cereals and this way I feel as though I’m eating a healthier breakfast without ignoring my sweet tooth completely. 

Truvia can also be used in baking, although the ration used is not equal to sugar, so you will need to reference their cooking and baking conversion chart located in their recipe section to make sure you get the right ratio. Most of the baking recipes use Truvia and sugar, which I am guessing helps keep some of the properties necessary for the goods to rise or bake properly. 

All and all I like Truvia as a sugar substitute and will continue to use it in drinks, cereal sprinkled on grapefruit and simple applications, although I may occasionally give some of their baking recipes a whirl. With all the holiday baking coming up, it may be nice to cut some sugar and calories in recipes, although I am all for occasional indulgences! Have you tried Truvia?

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  1. Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting says:

    Congrats on taking the challenge and on choosing something healthier – I love it on my cereals, too! :)

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