Do I Get Holiday Cards, Baby Announcements or Both?

I had the opportunity to browse and explore Shutterfly’s card selection, particularly for the holidays, and am trying to decide what to do! I am leaning towards getting a family photo taken in the next month, sending out holiday cards and be done with it. Then I can choose to send out separate baby announcements or skip it all together. Another option would be to send out late holiday cards or even New Year cards after waiting to get our first family shot after baby brother is born– I would have to be organized now and pick the layout and have all my addresses ready-to-go to make it a little less stressful though :-)

What do you do for the holidays? For baby announcements? I will confess I didn’t send out announcements when my daughter was born and we skipped the Christmas cards last year as I just didn’t get organized in time, so I feel the pressure to send something out this year! I love the affordability of flat photo cards, but Shutterfly and similar photo sites also offer flat photo and stationary card options as well, so you can personalize what fits your preferences and budget. 

I like the classic look of the card pictured above, and that it gives me the option to start designing it now and maybe pop in a picture of two of the family/new baby once her arrives. I love that you can choose coordinating address labels and Christmas gift tags to go with your cards, or you can purchase them separately to use throughout the season. My mother-in-law is the queen on personalized and ever changing address labels, so these would even be a great stocking stuffer for her. 

Check out, many of the their products are 20% off this week! 

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  1. I love Shutterfly…I say you get the baby announcements and cards. I know, it'll be more expensive, but you can mail them at one time and people will still have a keepsake for the announcement. And just a tip – when we had our 2nd son we included a picture of our oldest holding baby and it was a huge hit! If you want me to email a pic of the announcements I made, let me know! :-)

  2. Go Long! Go Green! says:

    Sophia was born 12/29 … so we decided to hold off on Christmas cards and made our baby announcements and sent them in the first 2 weeks of Jan … put her in a white CD with red roses around her ….. just an idea!

  3. Kolt, our son, was born 12/6 last year. We skipped the Christmas cards and just sent announcements….

  4. Heidi Jane Blankets says:

    I'm due 1/1/11 and had my last one 12/15, so we put the announcements in with the holiday cards and just send them out a bit late. We'll do that again this year.

  5. My son was born in December so we took a picture of him under the tree with a bow on his bum and made a Birth announcement that said something like "Wishing you a Christmas miracle of your own" It was both a Christmas card and a birth announcement and everyone loved it! good luck!

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    Take a peek at my giveaways if you stop by. Everything is gorgeous, handmade baby stuff. I'm guessing you would like them:)

  7. FreeRangeMom says:

    My son was born exactly one week before Christmas, so I took (very) pregnant pictures with my hubbers for an early Christmas card, and sent out "new years" baby announcements a few weeks after he was born.

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