Wordless Wednesday:My Birthday Puppies

So, my husband was home for my birthday this year for the first time since we were dating (second time total in 6+ years!) and what was supposed to be one puppy, somehow became two when we couldn’t decide between them…yes I am a crazy pregnant woman to take this on with everything else going on! 

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  1. adorable! Happy Birthday!

  2. They are SOOOOO cute! Happy Birthday!

  3. The Elwells' Weekly says:

    They look like they are ready to cuddle! Happy Birthday!

  4. Mommy Is Green says:

    Happy Birthday! The puppies are absolutely adorable!

  5. So stinkin' cute.

  6. Are those Bichons? My parents had one then "adopted" another, and now they are inseparable! They are great dogs for families, singles, old and young in my opinion. Happy Birthday!

  7. dannyscotland says:

    They're so sweet, though! How could you ever have chosen? I don't think you're crazy, maybe hormonal though! he he! Enjoy those little sweeties and the new human one also on the way!

  8. Yes they're Bichons! We researched breeds a bit and they seemed like a good fit for us. Now to potty train them before the baby arrives. Luckily we still have 4 months to go :-)

  9. Mileerom says:

    Happy birthday! The puppies are so cute.

  10. Those are the most adorable puppies!!! I miss when our Lucy was itty bitty like that!

  11. You definitely are brave! I hope your birthday was wonderful!

  12. You ARE crazy! 😉 But I can definitely see why you couldn't choose…they're adorable!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a blessing to have your hubby home!

  13. They are so cute. The same thing happened to me when I picked out my cat. I couldn't decide so I ended up with two kittens.

  14. I tried that too when I was pregnant lol We had a puppy for about a week but I had to kids in diapers working on potty training and I couldn't take doing a dog too, or keeping the kids out of the kitchen while it learned. Sadly I gave the dog back to my grandfather :(

    I wish we had a pet. I always had several growing up but since we have had kids of our own we haven't had any pets. Maybe after I get my 3rd kiddo potty trained I can talk DH in to an animal? lol

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