Where Do Your Babies Sleep?

No, I am not talking about co-sleeping, but room arrangements! Call it nesting or just an augmentation of my usual organization kicks, but I have been organizing, purging and sorting through every closet in the house. I have been tackling one closet or area at a time, so this has been a long process throughout this year, but I really feel like I am making progress this week! Yes, our master bedroom has been full of the tubs and boxes to sort through and has looked like a mess, but I have gotten through over half of it this week and I am ready to put more tubs in the garage. 

I have always liked to organize and if I had my way (and an unlimited budget, larger house…you get the idea) I would love for my house to look like it was from a magazine, although life with a husband, kid(s), 2 cats and now 2 puppies will surely keep me from that dream for a while :-) Part of this started this past winter when I joined Swap Mamas, which helped me get over the “maybe I’ll need it someday” tendency of keeping certain things, and as a result I am making an effort to stop buying extras or things we don’t need unless I really love it. This is really helping reduce clutter and after reviewing Lea’s Schneider’s Growing Up Organized I know that I have to stop organizing clutter!

My purging, organizing an rearranging has recently gone into overdrive, because are still trying to decide where we are going to put the new baby. Our third bedroom is the “guest room” with a full size mattress and also has my double sewing table, machines and (after tackling that closet) it stores my sewing materials as well. Our bedrooms are not huge, so there isn’t really any room to put anything else… I think that once the baby is older and more or less sleeping through the night, the kiddos can share a room, but that is not happening until the new baby starts sleeping through the night. We plan on having the baby in our room during the first few months, but still want a crib for our little one in another room, but do I toss the guest bed in the garage? Cram my sewing table in the living room? Squish the guest bed in the corner and toss a crib wherever it will fit? 

So…..where do your babies sleep? I would love to hear from you moms of multiple kids who have probably gone through this or those who are expecting who have already problem solved!  

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By Emi Stapler. I am a cloth diaper advocate, green parenting blogger, mother of three and a military wife who enjoys sharing my motherhood adventures and advice. Follow me at The Cloth Diaper Report on Facebook, Twitter @TheCDReport , Google +, Pinterest and Instagram.

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  1. Well I only have one little girl, but her room has doubled as the guest room — and in fact because we moved into our new house 3 months ago and the upstairs isn't quite finished yet, the spare queen mattress has been up against the wall in her room since we moved in. Since she rarely plays in there, it isn't an issue, we just leaned it against the wall and put the crib up next to it. Otherwise, the spare bed would make a great catchall/changing table/diaper folding center. We used the bed for my little one once she wouldn't lay still on the changing table anymore, and now we just use the floor, but having the bed was SO nice! I say just use that room as the nursery until STTN happens and then move the kids in together! I have heard that people suggest just having the kids be together right away, but I would think the late night feedings and diaper changes would disrupt an older child's sleep WAY too much and leave him/her cranky.

  2. I plan on keeping our new baby in our room with us until he/she is STTN and then move the 2 kids together. My son never slept in his crib until he was 7 months old. We will co-sleep/ bassinet until then. Hopefully sleep training will go better this time around! We'll see.

  3. Melanie Rogers says:

    We only have two (boy 4 years, girl 16 months), but when we were buying a home we did consider getting a 2 bedroom with large rooms for the kids to share. I think my son would have liked it since even though he is 4, he is the one that is now co-sleeping with us! Once he turned 4 he began to be afraid of the dark, and is now 90% of the time sneaking in to bed with us. So, I would definitely consider sharing a room. I would make sure the older one is a sound sleeper though.
    My daughter co-slept with us until about 10 months.
    Good luck!

  4. I am a mom of 2 yr old boy and we are expecting a baby in 4 weeks. My son has only slept in our bed 2-3 times in his life, but have been considering co-sleeping with the new baby. I think I'll give it a try to see if nursing goes better and than move the baby into my son's room when he/she is about 3 months old. Good luck!

  5. Michele F says:

    We have a 2 bedroom house with large rooms and here is our sleeping arrangement over the years. Note:DS is a frequent night waker and gets really upset if he wakes up alone.

    DH & me = double bed
    DH, DS & me = double bed with (unused) crib attached
    DH & DS = twin bed in other room; pregnant me = double bed

    DH & DS = 2 twin beds side-by-side in other room; DD & me = double bed with (rarely used) crib attached.

    FUTURE (once no longer nursing in the night – approx age 2-4)
    DS & DD = 2 twin beds in other room; DH & me = double bed

    3 bedroom house

  6. Nancy Marie says:

    My kids (4 of them) each have their own rooms. We are blessed to live in an older home that has a ton of room. We still have a guest room as well. The bad part of a larger home is that there is more room to put stuff. I have also been working to de-clutter my home and get rid of what is not needed. The good part of a large home is that there is room for more children. Now if I could just convince my husband.

  7. dannyscotland says:

    When we bought our house, we knew we wanted to start a family, and we were lucky to find a house with 5 bedrooms. One is our daughter's room, one is the future-someday-second baby's room, one is a guest room where my brother is currently living while he's in school, and the last extra room is my craft room. If we should end up with a third child (not planning on this), we would most likely move my craft things into the room my brother is in, since it's the largest of the four non-master bedrooms. He will only be with us for another 18 months or so. Good luck to you finding just the right spot for your sweet new little one to be!

  8. The Smiths says:

    It totally depends on your family situation, but since my daughter slept in our room (in our bed and her bed) for nearly a year and still often spends part of the night in our room at 18 months, I wouldn't bother changing the second room and just transition your baby into your toddler's room. I think it would be reassuring to a young child to have a second child to share a room with. Also, it's already babyproof and child centered and a great place to set up a changing area and baby-storage area even if the crib does not go in there for several months. That's just me though. Even if the children were two different genders, that's what I'd do for several years or until future boys and girls are added to the family.

  9. Heidi Maxwell says:

    With our first, her room (which she never slept in alone (not once) until she was a year old, also doubled as the guest room. We had a day bed in there that was great for sitting on and reading, napping while nursing, folding laundry, etc. It was a great nursery – dresser, crib, changing table, rocker, all the baby stuff was in there.

    She SLEPT in our room. We started with a pack and play by the bed which we tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried … to get her to sleep in. And just ended up cosleeping full time in our bed until she turned one. The PnP was right by my side of the bed – with just a wee bit of space for me to get up and slide out when I needed to.

    When we moved – she had just turned one – she had her own room. Pretty much the same, sans the guest bed. And she started sleeping in there full time. And that's where she is today. Except on that day bed instead of in a crib.

    Baby number two has the crib next to our bed where the pack n play was for the first babe. I put her down in it every night. She sleeps for 45-90 minutes at a time. With the occasional longer stretch thrown in just to make me think she might finally be getting the hang of it. By about 1-2 am I am tired of trying to get her to stay down in there and she sleeps the rest of the night with me.

    We are wanting to move her crib into the toddler's room so they can both sleep in the same room at night but I'm afraid the babe's night waking might ruin any chance of the toddler staying asleep.

    We do have a separate guest room – which we call the slash room. It's a bedroom SLASH study SLASH sewing room SLASH storage…. room. And no room for a crib unless we ditch the bed. Which I am not ready to do. We might convert this room into the girls room and use the smaller room as a slash room instead.

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