Prince Lionheart PottyPod Review

The biggest factor that has helped my daughter in our potty training journey has been to give her a sense of independence. Although she is getting better at climbing up onto the big potty with a potty seat, it is a multi-step process that often ends up in accidents and messes. A sit down potty seat, like the Prince Lionheart PottyPod gives my daughter the satisfaction and pride of being able to sit down by herself when she feels the urge to go, so this has been a great training potty for us. 

The seat is soft and seems a lot more comfortable than the others we have tried and this seems to help her have a positive experience when sitting down to go. She has even dragger her step stool over from the sink to use as a foot rest while sitting on it :-) The best part about the PottyPod for me, as a mother, is that it is easy for me to clean! Other models we have tried are bulky when trying to empty the bowl in the toilet, and make a mess when I try to clean them with the diaper sprayer, so we end up using the bathtub to rinse them clean. The PottyPod’s bowl not only has a handle, but it is smaller than the opening to the toilet, so it keeps clean up a lot more manageable. And I get to use my diaper sprayer and keep all the messes in the toilet where I prefer them to be and I can hold the bowl with one hand and the diaper sprayer with the other. 

Another feature I especially love about this particular training potty is that it is antimicrobial, and the only one of its kind currently on the market. The base of the PottyPod can be flipped over to create two different heights, which grows with your child and the potty looks more like an actual toilet, making the transition between the two smoother. The last feature I have to mention is the flexible deflector shield that is removable for cleaning, which helps keep the pee where it’s meant to be. The only trouble is getting my daughter to stop fiddling with it, but she is doing better now that she more or less understands its purpose, but if it really an issue, you can always remove it (especially if you have a girl, since it is meant more for boys). 

The PottyPod is a little bulkier than the other potty seats we have tried, so if space is tight in your bathroom or home, I would recommend their WeePod, which is made of the same cushy material, but meant to set on a toilet seat. If you are looking for a sturdy, comfortable, easier to clean training potty, I would definitely recommend this one. For more information about this training potty, retailers and other great products for your nursery and home, visit

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