Good News: Price Reductions on Blueberry Diapers

Blueberry New PricesGreat news for all of you who have coveted Blueberry diapers, but have not been able to afford the splurge. I just got this update from the Nurtured Family newsletter and although I do not own this style of diaper from the Blueberry brand, I have loved my Swaddlebees diapers in the same cut and style (they are sister brands). 

Blueberry Diapers has always made high quality, fun cloth diapers.  They have traditionally also been some of the most expensive. That has changed.  Now you can get a set of fun, high quality 
Blueberry Minky or Deluxe diapers for the price of your typical pocket diapers. 

What has changed?
Blueberry DiapersThis is simple.  The inserts. The Minky and Deluxe diapers now come with a one size microterry insert. The one size bamboo or hemp combo inserts that used to be in these diapers is what ran their price up. You can still buy them but they are sold separately.

What has NOT changed?
All of Blueberry Diapers products are still made in US and made from components that almost all exclusively made in the US.  That is no easy feat to pull off, nor is it cheap to do either.  We are proud of what they do – and they do it with flair.  If you want to support US companies then please consider Blueberry!

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  1. I so wish i could buy them now that they are reduced… bu ti think they are still too high for hubby to go for it :(

    coreybelle86 at yahoo dot com

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