StoryChimes is Perfect for Literacy-Focused Entertainment "On the Go"

We are an iPhone family, and although I don’t have very many games or child-oriented applications, sometimes my iPhone is all I have on hand during a meltdown in public so it’s nice to have some emergency entertainment. My daughter will take to some YouTube videos of familiar cartoon characters or some silly game full of sounds or colors, but I feel guilty exposing her to additional media time throughout the day, which can be over stimulating for a toddler. There are, however, applications like Story Chimes now available that encourage reading and are less over stimulating. 

We have shelves full of books and take some “on the go”, but when your little munchkin doesn’t like the selection you’ve brought, you are stuck. StoryChimes allow you to carry an array of classic stories without taking up any additional space, since it is already on your iPhone or iPod Touch you are carrying with you. You can choose to have the story read in the application, read it to your child, or have your young reader take on the challenge themselves. 

We used our sample story a couple of weeks ago during a ceremony my husband was in and my daughter was hot, sweaty, miserable, and about to make an embarrassing scene as we were seated in the front row. I pulled out my phone and opened the story, and luckily, it kept her occupied long enough to get through the majority of the ceremony. At only 99 cents a story, you won’t be able to find these titles in paper form for this price, so it’s also a nice way to add to your children’s library…just virtually! So if you’re an iPhone or iPod Touch family, definitely check out Story Chimes. 


~There’s an App for That! New iPhone and iPod App Brings Stories to Life for Children~

Phoenix, AZ – April 6, 2010 – Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there lived two 
fathers who wanted to instill the love of reading in their children. They took one of the 
oldest forms of information—the book—and replaced it with the newest technology 
society has to offer—the iPhone. Now, kids and parents everywhere can read children’s 
stories on their phones. StoryChimes are interactive children’s stories available for the 
iPhone and iPod Touch.

About StoryChimes: Justin James and Nick Bonomo, devoted fathers, used their sharp 
wit and tech-savvy ways to create an iPhone and iPod Touch “App” that gets kids 
involved in reading, even if it is on a hand-held device. Their product, StoryChimes, 
came to life out of a desire to get children excited about reading again. These enjoyable 
and educational stories are brought to life by captivating narration with music and 
beautiful illustrations. 

StoryChimes invoke nostalgia by bringing back the stories of 
long ago that told readers to turn the page “when you hear the chime.” Titles include: 
Cinderella, The Frog Prince, The Red Shoes and many more, along with books on 
numbers and letters. These books are perfect for kids just starting to learn to read; as 
well as, those who are on their way. StoryChimes are simple to download and only need 
to be purchased one time for only 99 cents each. In this world driven by technology, 
StoryChimes actually allows for dozens of books to be carried right in the user’s iPhone.

Parents love this “app” because it is pulling kids away from TV or video games and 
engaging them in literacy. StoryChimes is also the winner of several awards that 
recognize excellence in family products.

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  1. DazzleMea says:

    I want an iPhone…lol. We currently have an Android phone. While those are nice and all, the apps market has a *lot* of growing to do…I wish this app was available on my phone. My kids love technology & books so this would be perfect for them!

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