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It is dumbfounding how many things I have moved across the world and country, from childhood and college, that I look at now and wonder why I wasted the space. The reality is some things hold sentimental or other value at the time they are kept and years down the road they no longer hold their old charm. Photos, on the other hand, capture more than just a single event or moment in our lives and I was taught to cherish them since I was young. 

When I left home my father gave me a stack of photo albums he had kept for me to take with me, and although I have not been as good about keeping my newer photos organized, I do make an effort to keep them. The problem is, particularly with military life and a growing family, finding space to keep everything. I had the opportunity to review a great service to either reduce storage space, by archiving certain memories to DVD-ROM, and it is also a great way to keep a back up of all of the photographs if anything were to happen to the original copies. 

This is also a great service for those of you who frequently move or store photos in long-term storage, but want the luxury to view the photos from time to time. makes the process easy, by doing all of the time-consuming and tech-savvy work for you. The price for their services include shipping both ways and a DVD-ROM with the photos saved as digital images along with your treasured photos for your safekeeping. I sent a large envelope full of approximately 200 photos from high school and college that are fun memories, but I would be happy keeping only a digital copy of the next time we move. 

Lastly, I have to mention that this would be a great way to pass on childhood or other photos to friends or family so they can choose to print their favorites or reference them from time to time. I love my dad to death, but a stack of albums with photos from my first 17 years of life are definitely a lot bulkier than a DVD-ROM. Got documents? Document services are also available, but photos and documents cannot be mixed. Check out and consider them for your memory-keeping, archiving or photo-sharing needs. 

Samples of the products mentioned in the review were provided for this review. No other compensation was received and the views and opinions are my own.

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