I’m Going on Vacation!

I am so excited to see those four words typed out as we will be going on our first family vacation (that is not visiting family) and our first real “get away” since our honeymoon 3.5 years ago! Yes, things will be a little different with a toddler, but it will be nice to have nothing officially on the to do list, to have my husband home for 8 full days, and to go to the beach! No, we are not headed to Cali or Florida, but my husband’s uncle has a vacation home by the beach in Rhode Island where we will be staying most of the time and pay some respects to his mother’s relatives whom I have never met. It was a great option for a last minute trip, since vacation dates were up in the air until last week, and we will save a lot of money compared to a hotel. Three plane tickets and a rental car is overwhelming enough for me for our first trip!  

I will be taking either my laptop or netbook with me for some emailing and possibly some blog upkeep, but I promised my husband I would not be working the whole time we are there! So just a heads up that I will be more or less MIA for about a week starting next Tuesday, although I will post a few things here and there when I have internet available. This will be the longest I will go without blogging for the past 14-15 months! It is a last minute (thanks to Uncle Sam, lol), but a long overdue vacation for us, especially since we didn’t have one after he returned from his deployment, and other vacations were canceled or postponed due to my car accident last year so I am psyched

I am still making my packing list and trying to figure out how to pack the lightest (as we will be traveling with a toddler) without leaving any essentials behind! Luckily, we will have access to a fridge and washer for 5 or 6 of the days, so we can pick some things up after we get there and do a load or two of laundry mid-trip. We will be brining my daughter’s carseat, which I am trying to decide whether to gate check or check-in, although since we are paying FULL PRICE for my daughter’s seat, I figure we might as well strap the carseat in her seat and make it comfortable? But it’s another thing to lug around the airport :-/ 

We also haven’t quite figured out where DD will sleep. She is too big for her pack ‘n plat and I don’t want to have to pay to check in another piece of luggage (have to love the airlines these days…). I know they have two bedrooms with beds, but I don’t know what sizes and she is too small to sleep on a tall bed. I have contemplated putting whatever mattress is in the second room on the floor. Where does your toddler sleep when you travel? 

As for cloth diapers, the plan is to use them half of the trip. I am brining a large package of hybrid/disposable liners for the plane ride and driving time on each end of the trip, and a handful of cloth and swim diapers to use during the middle of the trip when we have access to a washer. I haven’t asked it it’s OK to wash the cloth diapers, and am torn whether to bring it up or just take the offer that we can use their washer as an OK for whatever I want to wash in it….what do you think? 

My cloth diaper packing list: 
I plan on bringing a few one size covers with all-in-two inserts as they will take up the least space, and a pack of disposable inserts. So far I have set aside a 32 pack of gDiaper disposable inserts (it’s what I have on hand), a Flip one size cover with 2 stay-dry inserts and a Best Bottom Diaper one size cover with 3 snap-in inserts. I will probably bring another one size cover and handful of AI2 inserts, but haven’t set specific ones aside yet. I plan on brining my Planet Wise Hanging Wetbag and a little sack of 5-6 soapnuts to use for all of our laundry (and to clean the washer of residue when we get there and clean it before we leave). As for wipes, I have gone back and forth, but plan to use disposable wipes so I don’t have to pack additional supplies to use cloth wipes and can use the same package(s) on the plane and while we are at the condo. 

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By Emi Stapler. I am a cloth diaper advocate, green parenting blogger, mother of three and a military wife who enjoys sharing my motherhood adventures and advice. Follow me at The Cloth Diaper Report on Facebook, Twitter @TheCDReport , Google +, Pinterest and Instagram.

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  1. fancygrlnancy says:

    Have a great time!!!

  2. Tutsy A. says:

    I would put the mattress on the floor for your daughter to sleep on, and I would just go ahead and wash the diapers in their washer. It's not like you're doing anything bad – you're just doing laundry!!!
    Enjoy! My advice would be to leave the laptop at home. We'll miss you, but you should have your total focus on your family and relaxing.

  3. Emi – have a great trip! when we go out of town Tyler has an inflatable kids air mattress that has a sleeping bag that zips right to it. But I suppose that will make your baggage heavier and take up a lot of room. I think your idea of putting the mattress on the floor will work great!

    I think if they know you use cloth they are probably assuming you're going to need to wash dipes. Maybe just tell them you'll be sure to run a rinse after you wash dipes so they don't worry about it?

    When we go out of town and don't have access to a washer I use two wet bags – one for the first part of the trip, one for the second, so we don't have to smell the dirty dipes 3 days later. Just another tip. :-)

  4. Teresha@Marlie and Me says:

    enjoy your trip!

  5. Take your car seat on the plane! :) Seriously, it's the best way. We bought a go-go kidz travelmate to lug it and the kiddo through the airport. They are great! have fun!

  6. Mama Christina says:

    Yay for you! That sounds fantastic!!

    I'd take your carseat on the plane – it'll be safer for her in case of turbulence.

    Our toddler sleeps with us at home and away – but I like the idea of just putting the mattress on the floor! (Our LO has a crib mattress on the floor at home to play or nap on.)

    I'd take it as an OK for whatever you want to wash in it. Diapers are no more gross than other toddler/baby items – would you hesitate to wash clothes in there that she'd gotten pee on? Probably not.

  7. Madeline says:

    Faced with that situation, I would probably put a mattress on the floor. Have tons and tons of fun and I look forward to hearing how the CDing went on the go.

    Oh, and I think people would be fine with you washing your diapers in their washer. If you don't make a big deal out of it (which is sounds like you wouldn't), then they probably won't either!

  8. newmami_rgv says:

    Congrats on making time to relax and unwind. We have taken several small trips to visit family (2hrs away), but we will also finally be taking a vacation to celebrate my daughters 6th birthday (Sea world). I hope ya'll have a great time.
    We have never flown as a family, but I would want to bring the carseat for my 15 month old. I don't see it as a big deal to lug it to the airport, I would just ask security to help drive it to the gate (golf-cart guys). And as far as sleeping arrangements. When we usually stay over at family we usually have two beds they offer for us to sleep in, but we always tug both mattresses into one room and put them on the floor… make one big bed (if there's room).
    We to were given privileges to use their washer, but I didn't ask if I could wash the CD's in there, I just did. But I did do an extra wash with a few sock and then a rinse and wipe if there was any extras floating.
    And as far as wipes, yeah, usually use disposables when we travel. I buy a tub (with a coupon) and have it out the whole trip to clean up the unexpected messes.
    Try to relax and enjoy the time with the family!

  9. Thanks mamas! You are getting me more motivated and excited!! :-)

  10. We've always taken the car seat with us (the 2x we've flown) and this last time we just plopped his convertible seat into the stroller and hooked it onto the frame and it worked great! (Don't try this one at home folks). It's always safest to have them in their carseat though!

    As for sleeping – we brought our PnP the first time (he was about 9 months) and the second time we stayed with a friend and used their PnP… Not sure what we'll do next time…

    Have fun and ENJOY YOURSELF!!!

  11. MissouriMormonMama says:

    I would definitely bring the carseat onto the plane. I've done it numerous times, and often with more than one carseat. It is a pain, but the child is so much more comfortable, and safe. It is well worth it, IMO.

    As far as sleeping, we usually just have the toddler on the bed, but they're out of cribs by then around here. I think a mattress on the floor would work perfectly for what you need.

    As far as washing, I don't think it's a big deal, although I know some people who might be wierded out by it. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.

    Kudos to you for even bringing cloth dipes while traveling! I'm not that committed, we always use disposables when we travel. And I believe disposable wipes can be a god-send when on the go, they come in handy for so many things.

    I need to talk to you soon, I have a question of my own about bacterial infections and diapers- Lori is throwing some curveballs at me with diapering, and you might be able to help.

    Enjoy your trip! Sorry for the novel.

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