Friday Favorites: Ask the Moms "What is Your Favorite Maternity Brand?"

I am at the tail end of my 1st trimester and starting to get more into the mental planning and researching phase of my pregnancy. All of my clothing is already too small and I am pulling out my old maternity clothes and giving the Bella Band a whirl. Problem is I am not as skinny as I was when I got pregnant with my daughter, so I think I’ll be lucky if 75% of the maternity clothes I have gets me halfway through the second trimester.

What is your favorite maternity brand? I have tried a handful, but am wondering what else is out there, mainstream or indie, that I should know about! 

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  1. I tried to get some cheap stuff and sprung for some Motherhood Maternity stuff. Most of the "other" stuff I got was fine until late 2nd Tri. ONLY Motherhood Maternity stuff fit late 2nd tri-delivery. Spring for the secret fit pants…you'll be glad you did!

    And Congratulations!! :) So exciting!!!


  2. Thanks Tina! A chunk of my maternity stuff from last round was Motherhood Maternity and I wore a lot of the Demi band and it's not going to last me long this time, so I will definitely look into the Secret Fit! I remember seeing them and thinking they looked like they fit well and would grow with me.

  3. avocadogirl says:

    Liz Lange Maternity (from Target) pants and tanks. That's all I've lived in my third trimester and all that still fits (I'm due right now).

    They were all reasonably-priced items (tank tops 8.99, jeans 29.99) and actually lasted longer than some of my Gap clothes. The Liz Lange tanks also fit WAY better than the Gap ones.

    Good luck to you!

  4. I love the Liz Lange for Tarzhay, too. I only bought off the clearance rack, and was able to find enough multi-seasonal clothes to get me through. Also, the Mossimo tanks at Target are really long, and work well. The long-ish, flowy styles that are in are really conducive to a pregnant belly.

  5. Stephanie says:

    I lived in the Motherhood jeans for my third trimester. I was HUGE – and they fit right up to delivery day! The Secret Fit was really comfy!

  6. 12gViolet says:

    Motherhood Maternity for pants (secret fit, of course!), Liz Lange for dresses, Old Navy Maternity for camisoles/tops. Yes, I got it allllll figured out. LOL

  7. Big Mama says:

    I actually bought my maternity clothes off ebay to save money… but I like duo and 2 hearts and motherhood materinty the best.. the stuff from target is ok.. but I'm plus size so they only go to a 2xl.. if that doesnt fit then I am screwd

  8. Seth and Brittney says:

    I actually loved my shirts from Walmart because they run a little big, and so I got some great wear from them throughout the pregnancy. Another good company is Shade clothing… all their stuff is super long!
    If you are looking for some good maternity pants, maybe you would consider making your own! Here is a great tutorial and even sewing-illiterates have success with this one!

  9. What a great link Brittney! I may just have to try converting an old pair of pants or shorts when I get some 2nd trimester energy!

  10. Mrs. Haid says:

    I wore stretchy skirts from Old Navy's summer line. Also, I had great luck with the full panel cords from ON. The rest of my maternity clothes were from Liz Lange Target, too. The clothes go onto the clearance rack within 3 weeks… so if you can wait… do it! Usually though they are sized and not just SMLXL, so you might not find your perfect fit!

  11. katklaw777 says:

    I really like the maternity clothes at Target. They have a large selection that is reasonably priced and lots of good stuff on sale. They also have the Moody Mama brand and could live in the maxi Dress.

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