Father’s Day Grilling Idea Q&A with Melissa d’Arabian from the Food Network

I am embarrassed to say that I still do not have dinner or a gift planned for the love of my life and Father’s Day is this Sunday! Another factor that is important for Father’s Day, especially now that my daughter is able to participate in her own little way, is getting her involved. I had the opportunity to submit a question to Melissa d’Arabian from the Food Network about Father’s Day grilling ideas, and if you don’t know her or her show, she is the perfect person to ask about involving the kids!

Melissa is the winner of last year’s The Next Food Network Star and I am proud to say I watched the entire season and was routing for her the whole way! I think one of the many reasons was because she is a mom I can relate to both in making kid friendly and budget friendly meals, but she still finds ways to make the recipes seems delicious and a little different than the cookie cutter meals we often get stuck doing. 

Q: What are some ways for involving a toddler in Father’s Day grilling/meal ideas that are safe and age appropriate?

I love to take my toddlers to the farmer’s market and allow each one to pick out any vegetable she wants.  I then take these vegetables home to make a fun recipe.  For Father’s Day, why not make my Sausage and Roasted Vegetable pasta, using the grill instead of the oven to roast up those vegetables?  Each child will have a vegetable represented in the pasta – kind of an edible charm bracelet!

I love her idea of using local produce and incorporating the grill flavor without sticking with the same old burgers and chicken. With only one child I would definitely need to pick out some additional vegetables to make the dish more interesting, but it’s a great way to get kids involved and also get them interested in eating vegetables. Her recipe can be found on the Food Network website here and just substitute the vegetables your kiddos choose for something else in the recipe. It is a quick 35 minute meal too, which will give you time to spend some time with your sweetheart and family. 

Melissa’s new season of 10 Dollar Dinners is airing this July, so be sure to save it to the DVR and get some more delicious, family and budget friendly meals to add to your repertoire! 

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