Bumgenius Announces Their New 4.0 OS Pocket, 3 New Colors & Snaps!

Bumgenius announced their new product yesterday afternoon, which is now available for preorder and will ship mid-July. I am excited, because they have updated and improved my only real qualms (if you can call them that) including:

1. Slightly larger fit to accommodate chunkier babies (like mine!).
2. Replaceable leg elastic.
3. New and improved velcro.
4. Availability in snaps! This is a biggie for me and I have been waiting for it ever since I discovered bumGenius diapers. Although I love their Organic AIOs in snaps, I am really excited to have a pocket, stay dry option that fits my taste (and diaper stripping child, possibly child(ren)).
5. Three new ultra pastel colors, including another girlie lavender color. 

I am really excited for these updates and hope to have review opportunities for both the velcro and snap versions on my toddler and baby #2 come winter (no review opps lined up yet, so let me know if you are interested), and was thinking today it’d be neat to be able to meet the inventor in the fall at their new store opening. It’s only 2.5 hours away, so I hope to be able to attend, and maybe meet some of you area moms there! 

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  1. I still know nothing about cloth diapers, and have only used one kind on my baby so far. But, how are these new bumgenius 4.0 ones different from Flip Covers?

  2. MrsQriist says:

    Moriah, the sizing is the same, and the snap covers look very similar to Flips. The 4.0's are stuffable pockets vs. a cover/all-in-two. Basically just puts a layer of fleece between baby and the absorbent layer(s), and the whole thing goes in the pail rather than the PUL layer being wipe-clean. They're generally more daycare/grandparent/Dad friendly, especially if they're pre-stuffed by Mom.

  3. 12gViolet says:

    I don't know, the 4.0s sound nice, but the price for full-time CDing in them would be astronomical, as is the case with most pockets and AIOs. :( It's why we're probably going with Flips or Econobums. I love BG, but I can't justify that much of an investment when this will be our last baby. It makes me sad, cause they really do sound wonderful.

  4. MrsQriist says:

    Agreed, Violet. I love my Flips with flats. I'm going to try making some t-shirt fitteds, and then maybe convert my flats and PF's if that works out, but I haven't spent more than $2 on a diaper, and the Flips are by far my most expensive covers (and I even have a wool soaker on the way, only $12!).

    I did order a couple of the 4.0's since we're going to be visiting family for a while and they'll just plain be easier than flats for the grandparents, but my mother CD'd 4 of us plus daycare kids with a diaper service and plastic pants, so she has more PF experience than I do.

    If I like them, I'll probably get some of the new bright colors/prints when they come out, but I'll be more likely to get them in the Flip than the 4.0's.

  5. 12gViolet says:

    Yeah, we're converting to cloth for Mari (she's our 5 month old) because she has issues with disposables that our first two didn't. It'll be difficult because we don't have washer/dryer access on a day-to-day basis, but I'm sick of her being irritated down there! And the sensitive diapers are expensive. So cloth it is (or will be, rather).

    But we're on a budget. I'm leery of using old clothes because of the detergents that might be stuck in the fabric. Before her, we didn't use free and clear, and all of the clothes in the "rag" bin are from before her. I'm trying to get remnants for cheap to use for soakers, since I have a sewing machine. But sometimes the remnants aren't worth it since flats and prefolds are so cheap. It's the covers that kill the pocketbook.

    But I think we will invest in some pockets or even AIOs for when we visit my family. My grandparents cloth diapered, but it was long, long ago. They're more familiar with disposables now because most of the grandkids were in them. I think I'm the only one who was cloth diapered out of the 11 of us, and I'm 24. But they have a washer/dryer we can use while we're there, so hopefully I won't have to buy too many of the more expensive kind!

  6. MrsQriist says:

    Yeah, we do coin laundry in an apartment complex so I feel your pain :)

  7. 12gViolet says:

    We have a coin-op in the building, but it hardly works. Some things have to be dried two or three times at $1.50 per dry. It just adds up way too quickly versus the super cheap laundromat.

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