"Nutrition at Your Fingertips" by Elisa Zied, National Nutrition Expert Review

Nutrition at Your Fingertips

Nutrition is the root of healthy weight management, optimal growth for children, maintaining good energy levels and what keeps our bodies functioning in the miraculous ways that they do. I have definitely become more conscious about nutrition since becoming a mother to make sure my family gets well balanced meals and maintain healthy activity. Zied’s book breaks down everything you need to know in well organized sections and chapters which also include useful cross references.

Although you could read this book from cover to cover if you choose, I have been using it more as a reference. I read chapters that interest me in short sittings or look up a section (i.e. saturated fats) if it comes up in my daily cooking, meal planning or just plain curiosity. I will confess the first chapter I turned to was on weight management, as I still did not kick the last of my baby weight and know I need to make some changes both in my activity and intake– which is a hard task when you are chasing a toddler around and working part time!

This book is reminiscent of those textbooks from science class, but easier to read and more useful in everyday applications than many of the things I have long forgotten from my school years. I am currently reading through the vitamin section and love the healthy eating tips section in the latter part of the book. Sometimes it’s easy to read about and know what we are NOT supposed to do, but it’s always helpful to have some guidance that puts the principles from the book into action. 

For those of you with allergies or other illnesses in your families, she also include sections that address those specific needs and you won’t want to miss the healthy food shipping section that breaks down all the claims found on food packaging. Basically, this book comprehensively covers most nutritional questions and resources you will need for healthy shopping, eating and lifestyle. I highly recommend it for you and your growing families to have in the kitchen or on the bookshelf to reference for years to come.  

As the press release also outlines, Nutrition at Your Fingertips also teaches you:
*How to eat to beat diseases that may be preventable
*The functions of vitamins and minerals and where to get them
*The symptoms of a food allergy, intolerance and sensitivity
*How to burn more calories in less time
*How consuming more fiber can slim your waistline and how to get more of it
*Where all those extra calories in your diet lurk
*Whether you’re eating a portion or a serving
*How consuming super foods can increase weight loss
*How to indulge without going overboard
*How to balance your food and fitness choices to manage or lose weight

Website: http://www.nutritionatyourfingertips.com/

A book was provided by Alpha Books for this review. No other compensation was received and the views and opinions are my own
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  1. The Wilson's says:

    As a housewife I make the food decisions in our family by choosing meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This book will help me feed my family healthier foods and acutally put a little more nutritional "thought" into each meal. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  2. The Wilson's says:

    I am a follower! Thanks!

  3. janetfaye says:

    This book will help me to plan and cook healthier meals for my family.

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  5. Melanie says:

    I hope this book will help me be able to choose healthier options for my family. Hopefully, the healthier options would help be keep up my weight loss. Yahoo!

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  14. I have some not-so-fun new food allergies so this book would help me wade through the options of "what's for…breakfast, lunch, dinner"! I also am trying to break our family's love affair with sugar.

  15. I follow your blog. Thx!

  16. This book would help me to plan healthier meals. We are vegetarian and do pretty well, but i'm always looking for healthy recipes and options.


  17. Jessica says:

    This book will help me in my efforts to make our home more healthy!

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  21. The Carrolls says:

    I like celery … or indigo!
    I like TINY BIRDS because they have free shipping. None of the retailers are local for me.

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  23. I have started to notice my nutritional requirements for my toddler slipping as she is becoming a pickier eater. I would like to get us back on track so that she grows up with healthy eating habits. I think this book would help me get back on track, and prepare DH and I for getting into better shape by tuning in to our bodies.

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