I’m Dreaming of a Fluffy Christmas

You may be wondering why I am already thinking about Christmas and it is not even June yet. Well, some of you have already heard the news I spilled on Twitter during Monday Night #clothdiapers chat, but I am getting ready for another handful of fluff this Christmas. Yes, I already have a ton of diapers, but not newborn diapers! 

My family is excited to announce that we are expecting a Christmas baby (notice the newborn diapers I tried to arrange above in the shape of a Christmas tree, LOL) and I am thrilled to be able to cloth diaper from the start. I had not discovered cloth when my daughter was a newborn and am excited to try newborn diapers, one size diapers with newborn inserts, newborn prefolds and covers! I will also be posting little updates or new reviews on previously reviewed diapers as I use them on a different baby with a different body type, wetting pattern, and heck, maybe even a different gender. 

What are your favorite newborn diapers? I think that fitteds and all-in-ones sound the easiest to me for frequent changes, but I do have some newborn prefolds (I use them as doublers and to clean up “accidents”) I plan to use with some XS and newborn covers I need to get. I will also try all of my one size diapers on the smallest settings to see which ones work or fit the best and the tiny stages. 

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  1. Congratulations:) I am expecting Baby#3 Early October. I too like you started Cloth Diapering my Son when he was 3 months old. I am just jumping on the Newborn Cloth this time around too. I have already ordered some Premie prefolds and covers, My 2nd came early. I am starting to work on my Newborn stash, Be sure to let up know what you get:)

  2. Amanda S. says:

    Congrats! I too am expecting baby #2 this Christmas (Dec. 20 or thereabouts). I'm already stocking up on newborn diapers as we didn't start cloth with my daughter till she was about 3 months. I'm planning on using mostly prefolds and covers, and I got some Lil Joeys (absolutely adorable!) for nighttime and on-the-go. I'm leery of one-size diapers for newborns, as most people I've talked to say they really won't fit until baby is about 10 lbs or so (and my daughter wasn't 10 lbs until she was about 3 months), so I went the cheaper route with the prefolds and will switch to my current stash of FB's and BG's when he/she outgrows them.

  3. Rebecca O says:


  4. dannyscotland says:

    Aw! I have a Christmas baby, too! December 26th. Makes for a hectic but wonderful holiday. Congratulations! I am interested to see what you think of newborn diapers, because I didn't use them on my daughter. I was new to cloth and didn't know anything about it or anyone to ask, so I just waited til her belly button scab fell off. Not next time, though. I'm committed! Just like you, so I'm even more interested to see what you like best.

  5. Jessica says:

    Congrats! I am expecting #3 and this will be my first time cloth diapering a newborn too =) I have some OS diapers I plan on using but I'm on the lookout for good dipes for newborns. I'm looking forward to hearing your insights!

  6. SAPsMaMa says:

    I prefer fitteds for newborns, and thirsties covers are wonderful for newborn BF poopies! Prefolds are wonderful too as they're super cheap and babies grow out of the newborn dipes so fast. I used prefolds as night time dipes and bumgenius bamboo fitteds for during the day, but I think they discontinued those, so I'd suggest the thirsties or kissaluvs fitteds for newborn, or if you can get some joey bunz from rumparooz those are wonderful! I won a couple at a twitter party, adorable! I can't wait to have another baby to try them out! But they're expensive, so i'd stay mostly fitteds and prefolds, witha few joey bunz :) Hope I helped! Check out my blog http://sapsmama.blogspot.com/ for some in depth reviews of my experience with indian prefolds and bamboo fitteds with my newborn!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Congrats! I cloth diapered my daughter from birth. All the one-size dipes were way to big for her 7 lbs. We had the most success with prefolds, thirsties covers and some motherease fitted diapers. My best advice: Go ahead and use sposies for the first few days. Meconium and transitional poop stains like crazy! Next time I will wait for the poop to turn yellow before starting my cloth!

  8. Mama Christina says:

    Congrats mama! I didn't cloth diaper mine until 2 months, so I'm really interested to see what you think of the newborn diapers (we're going to try to conceive again this summer…) – Again, congrats! 😀

  9. simplymerry says:


    I can't wait until it's time for us to have another kid and i can start cloth diapering from the beginning. i think i'd go for AIOs… BG 3.0 & Rumparooz Lil Joeys. Whoot! Although i had nearly a 9 pounder, so some of my one-sizes might fit from the start.

  10. The Jacobsen Family! says:

    Yay! Congrats! We are expecting #4 in September and I'm in the same boat. I have never cloth diapered before though, so I am a bit nervous. =) Looking forward to seeing everyone's suggestions for you!

  11. Crystal Biehl says:

    Congrats!!! I loved using prefolds with thirsties diaper covers. I never used snappis or anything else. Just the prefold and the cover. LOVED IT!

  12. Congratulations! I'm expecting baby number 2 in September, and I'm also anxious to get some newborn diapers to start using as soon as we get home from the hospital. (My current stash didn't fit my daughter until around 2 months old.) I'm most interested in the Rumparooz Lil' Joeys. They look great, but there aren't a lot of reviews out about them yet.

  13. I agree with sapsmama about prefolds and fitteds. I used prefolds at home, I prefer the indian prefolds since they are a little bigger but still small enough for a newborn. Of course with a thirstie cover. I LOVED the bumgenius bamboo fitted xs for going out/ night time. They were discountinued :( but you can still find them in some stores. I personally hated the kissaluvs for my newborn.

  14. I had a few kissaluvs fitteds with my first child, and loved them so much that I ordered more for baby #2! I also used prefolds with various covers, and once baby got big enough, pocket diapers for night time.

  15. Terra Jones says:

    HOW did I miss this news?!?!?!? CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We didn't start with #1 until 9 months, but #2, we started ASAP, and plan to again this time. We LOVED Thirsties Fitteds and covers, but are venturing into the world of prefolds, covers and wool this time (a friend gave us her wool stash since they are done!!) I'm scared out of my mind to use those prefolds, LOL

    The only thing we didn't like was one-size diapers, even on our chunker they didn't fit right til about 2 months (but even with him being 21 months, I still don't like one-size diapers so much, lol)

    CONGRATS again!!! SO exciting!!!

  16. Ack! It's official EVERYONE is pregnant but me! We'll end up around a year behind everyone else (again), seems like the last time I ended up ready for a baby was listening to 6 months post-announcement of plans for babies! Hey we um, used prefolds and covers and then AIOs (3 of them) as well as 1 fitted and 1 contour. from 3 weeks on. I would consider OS fitteds and covers and OS AIOs as well this time around, Little Joeys and more prefolds, I think!!! Dirty diaper laundry's blog recently did a newborn diapering McLinky post/carnival, yup, here dirtydiaperlaundry.com/cloth-diaper-carnival-vii-newborn-cloth-diapering/
    there's 14 people's experience at once! Good luck and bless you! Do NOT tell my husband, but this is just amping me up! (Is it terrible to think of newborn fluff as a reason for wanting a new baby?, if so DON'T tell me!)

  17. leaving~the~girl~behind says:

    Congratulations to you and your family!! That is such exciting news.

    Please keep us posted on what you decide to go with. I am expecting my first child in September, and am going to be giving the cloth diaper thing a try myself, so if you come up with a best bet for newborns in your search, I'd love to hear what it is.



  18. YogaMama says:

    Congratulations to you and your family! What a nice Christmas present. 😛 But for the sake of your baby hopefully its not on Christmas Day!

  19. One Southern Girl says:


  20. Mama Campbell says:

    congrats!! I'm SO excitd to use cloth diapers on my new little guy due in less than 9 weeks! We're doing prefolds, a few xs bum genius bamboo fitteds (got on diaperswappers since they're discontinued), a few AIOs (though they appear huge compared to the fitteds) & xs thirsties covers. I also have a few nb wool soakers ready to go too. I cannot wait to take pictures of that tiny baby bum in fluff!! :o) Congrats again!!!

    btw-I gave you an award here:

  21. Congratulations! I have cloth diapered both of my kids since birth. Itty bitty newborn fluff is so stinkin' cute! My favorites for the newborn stage are fitteds with some decent absorption (both my kids could pee a lot!). I really liked newborn Muttaquin Baby. I also likd to have a few AIOs for going out in. My favorite covers right away were the BSWW, and then xs Thirsties. For me, pockets were a bust at this stage because I hated having to try to stuff such tiny diapers. Good luck!

  22. I don't have any advice for you, but just wanted to tell you CONGRATS!! :-)

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