Blue Penguin SposoEasy All-in-One Review & 5% Coupon Code

SposoEasy AIO diapersare trim and an easy-to-use option for busy families as they are quick drying and do not require stuffing or un-stuffing inserts. One of the first things you will notice about these diapers is that they do not have any synthetic inner lining options, as they believe in only having natural fibers against your little one’s bottom. They do have different inner lining choices to choose from, and although I reviewed the unbleached cotton flannel/terry version, there is also a bleach version as well as a cotton/hemp fleece option.We reviewed this diaper in black and believe it or not, it is the first and only black diaper I have reviewed or owned! These diapers are definitely on the trim side, but still have decent absorption for their trimness. I received a snap version and the snaps are angled differently than any other snap diaper I have reviewed. Rather than having the waist adjustment angle in, the hip/thigh snap angles in, allowing a little extra room to grow in the thighs. I like this, because it is always the thigh setting my daughter outgrows before the waist, however, it does take some getting used to.

And as I have mentioned many times before, the advantage of a tongue style, all-in-one insert is that it is quick drying and doesn’t require any stuffing or un-stuffing. The downside is that BMs may be a little messier to clean up as they get caught under and around the edges of the insert. A diaper sprayer or good rinse should solve this issue for most people, but it is a point I always like to bring up about this style of insert.

All in all this diaper fit well, had decent absorption for it’s trimness, and is easy to use. Although I am a big fan of natural fibers I do like to have a stay dry material against my daughter’s skin (especially at naptime and overnight) and these diapers would require a stay dry lining if that is your preference; however, if you change these diapers more frequently to keep your little one’s bottom nice and dry, there are definitely perks to cottons and other natural fabrics.

Overall Rating:

Overall Fit:


Size/Weight Range: 

Closure Style:  
Snaps, two on each side, vertical, angled “backwards” (Velcro closures also available).

Ease of Use:

 The tongue-style AIO insert is pretty absorbent for its trimness, but heavier wetters and toddlers may need a doubler for naptime.

Materials Used:
  PUL, cotton flannel and terry.

Durability: 8.5

Pocket Opening: 


Good adjustability, although the angling of the snaps are different than other diapers and will take some getting used to.

 Leg casings are soft and un-channeled to avoid leaving red marks on baby’s thighs. The thigh or hip snap is angled differently than most diapers, allowing for more room to grow in the thighs. Although, it takes some practice to get used to it I liked that it had more room for growth in the thighs, since that is where my daughter always outgrows diapers first.

Casing/ Elastic Style:



Care and Use:


Warranty/Product Support:


A SposoEasy diaper was provided by Thanks Mama for this review.

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