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Signature Waste-Free Lunch Kit

Kids Konserve empowers children and parents to do their part in saving the environment by challenging them to cut down on the waste created by school lunches, while teaching about the importance of reuse.  The company was sparked by the amount of trash that was coming home from our preschooler’s lunch.  We took what has been a family endeavor, reducing the amount of trash we put into the landfills, and made it a business that will help all families.

Kids Konserve creates awareness via their Waste-Free Lunch Challenge Fundraiser, Reusable Bottle Drive, and Green Your Classroom Party Pak Challenge and teach about not creating waste, Kids Konserve can help lead to major savings in our landfills and hence reduce greenhouse gases (see attached flier).  Many schools do not even recycle, and the amount of trash produced by one child’s lunch alone creates 67 pounds of landfill waste in a school year!  Kids Konserve offers its reusable lunch products directly to families and also as a fundraising opportunity in schools.  Our website: www.kidskonserve.com 

So much has been happening lately here at Kids Konserve; a quick rundown for you:
New Products:

Don’t let the fact that Earth Day is behind us and school is winding down deter you from your good REUSING habits you have worked so hard to achieve.  Each year the U.S. consumes 380 BILLION plastic bags, sacks, and wraps!!!(source: Environmental Protection Agency)  

The last thing this world needs is another plastic bag.  Nowadays there are so many eco-chic reusable options to the ‘plastic bag or baggie’ that it is making it easier to cut out the use of plastic bags and baggies all together!  Kids Konserve is dedicated to the cause of helping make your life easier one less plastic bag at a time. 

Now through June 30, 2010, save 15% on your order with the code “summer15“.

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