10 Creative Ways to Use a Cookie Cutter

10 Creative Ways to Use a Cookie Cutter

1. Use it as a mold for pancakes (make sure to spray the cutter with oil so it doesn’t stick)
2. Cut out a sandwich into fun little bite shapes
3. Make irresistible little quesadillas
4. Set it on top of a cake or other dessert and use it as a stencil for confectioner’s sugar
5. Trace shapes to make cute embellishments for homemade cards or invitations
6. Use it as a play-doh press or cutter
7. Make washing your hands luxurious or fun by using them as soap molds
8. Food will be irresistible even for the pickiest eaters when arranged in the shape of a favorite shape or hobby. I love to contour rice on the plate and make a little work of art. 
9. Add it to a gift as a present topper
10. Hang it from ribbon for a unique holiday ornament

    My daughter loves Mickey Mouse and I have been trying to think outside of the box with this Mickey Mouse cookie cutter review. Whether your cookie cutters gather dust in the back of the pantry or your child has a beloved character that you could incorporate into your cooking and crafting, cookie cutters are an affordable, versatile way to go. Above are 10 different ways I came up with to use our Mickey sillouette, but they are not exhaustive by any means! I have tried most of them and some, like the soap mold example, are things I would like to try.
    How else do you use your cookie cutters? For a wide selection of cookie cutters, both common and hard-to-find,visit CheapCookieCutters.com.

    A cookie cutter was provided for this review. No other compensation was received and the views and opinions are my own.
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    1. Jessica says:

      One way that has become famous around here lately is using a cookie cutter to cut out shapes in Jell-O. My DS thinks it's the greatest thing.

    2. YogaMama says:

      I should try these out! My DD will love these ideas! Esp. the pancake one! :)

    3. joetroyer says:

      You did a fabulous job i really thankful for you this effort in this blog

    4. I have a plastic cookie cutter on my keychain, just for cuteness. It also helps to make the keys bigger and easier to find when I have my moments…

    5. Ryan, Corrie, Max, and Jack says:

      Those are all great ideas!! I hadn't thought of the quesadilla one! I think I've heard that you can use cookie cutters to cut out rice crispie treats- although I imagine that you'd have to use a bigger pan to get them thinner.

    6. What awesome ideas!! I can't wait until Tommy is old enough to do some of these activities with him. I'd love to make our own wrapping paper by tracing the cookie cutter shapes and then coloring them in- he'll love that!

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