What Does Your Diaper Rash Creme Score on the Skin Deep Database?

The Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database scores all sorts of cosmetics for their toxin levels. This includes toothpaste, make-up and baby products. I was on the #ecowed chat this evening (hosted by Earth Mama Angel Baby) and got a great link to their diaper cream ratings and thought it’d be educational for everyone to check out! 

Their chart is obviously not exhaustive, but it includes most of the popular formulas on the market. Did you know that Desitin, A+D and Balmex all rate a 5 and 6 (moderate hazard, and a step away from a 7 which is a high hazard)? So if you have a tube of that, I’d recommend putting it where it belongs…the trash! 

Others I have recently reviewed such as Earth Mama Angel Baby rate a impressive 0 and there are a handful of ointments such as Badger, Burts Bees and Triple Paste that only rate a 1. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to stick with the 0 ratings if at all possible, but wouldn’t want to go much higher than a 1. 

Certain brands seem to rate “lower” or “higher” on the scale, but each individual product a brand makes seems to have a little bit of a range on the rating system, so don’t disregard a brand, because one product rates high. For example, Aveeno rates in the 3 range for most of their products (low on the moderate hazard scale), but their bubble bath is a 0. 

I am already addicted to looking up everything I own on this site and am making notes about what products I would like to switch to in the near future. Spread the word about this great resource to other families or expectant moms so we can all make the best decisions for our families. 

If you want, it’d be interesting to see what your diaper cream rates on the scale if you choose to leave a comment. Some of the brands I looked up were surprising!


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  1. I use California Baby – 3! But other products in their line have scored lower…

  2. I swore by Boudreaux's Butt Paste to clear up the most tender rashes, but it rates a 4 on that database! Before I started using cloth diapers, that's what I would go to to clear up a rash within a day or two. Now, however, we use Grandma El's. I didn't have time to search through the database, but I know it's less than a 4!

  3. dannyscotland says:

    I use Grandma El's, and I couldn't find it on the database. I didn't have time right now to enter ingredients to see what it comes up with.

  4. I've always used Desitin! YIKES!! But it works so well…?! Well, I'm happy to say since we switched to cloth I haven't had to use it, so hopefully it stays that way! :-)

  5. Owen's Mom says:

    We used Burt's Bees. It works well & is low. We rarely use it, so I will stick with it.

    Thanks for the post

  6. Chrissyb says:

    Burt's Bees is the pick in our home and looks like we'll stick to it!

  7. simplymerry says:

    i'm glad i went with my instinct and choose burt's bees when i was still using disposables. And this confirms my decision to use it as a backup when my tamer, cloth-diaper-safe cream doesn't do the trick. :)


  8. I use Noli N Nali…love it! And most of their products range in the 0-1…


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