Music Monday: What is Your Family Lullaby?

Whether you’re a soprano at the Met Opera in New York or define yourself as “tone def”, lullabies play an important role in your child’s life. The mother and caregiver’s voices are comforting to your child, regardless of the musical quality of what you chant or sing. It is also important to the caregiver to use songs or lullabies that have meaning to your family, whether it has been passed down from generation to generation or whether it is something you create especially for your little one (i.e. your own version of “Twinkle Twinkle”). 

Although my love of music was passed down from both of my parents, my mother is the one who would sing to us when we were young, so my lullaby traditions come from my memories of her. The lullaby that comes to my mind as a “family tradition”, or song with meaning to me, that I am passing down to my daughter is Ann Murray’s version of “You Are My Sunshine”. I actually cried when I heard my mother sing it to my daughter when she was about 2 weeks old, because memories just flashed back– It was almost as if I had sort of forgotten about the song, but my emotional memory remembered it so intensely. 

I think that lullabies are such a powerful gift we can give our children and share with our families– the gift of the comfort of our voice is a priceless gift that we can remember mentally, emotionally and musically. What is your family’s special lullaby? I would even stretch to say any chant, story or tradition you have created to sooth and comfort your child at bedtime using your voice can fit a larger definition of a lulluby. 

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  1. dannyscotland says:

    My grandmother used to sing what I called "The Honey Song" to me when I was little. The beginning words are: "I'm in love with you, honey. Say you love me too, honey. No one else will do, honey. Seems funny but it's true" and it goes on. It's short, and it's an old song. I don't know the real name of it. I have sung this song to many children, not my own, as well as to my own daughter. I call it a magic song because it seems able to calm the fussiest child. I sing other songs to my daughter, too, like Elvis's "Can't Help Falling in Love" and "Edelweiss". There's another one I would sing all the time but it escapes me at the moment. But the Honey Song is the main one.

  2. We don't have any special songs passed down from our parents but we do have particular songs we sing to our daughter. My husband is fond of "Nothing's gonna harm you" from the Sweeney Todd soundtrack. I sing "River Driver" by Great Big Sea. Our daughter likes 'em both.

    I like Edelweiss! I'm gonna add that to my repertoire.

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