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Do you use reusable shopping bags? The first reusable shopping bags I used were canvas bags from specialty stores like Trader Joe’s, which worked well, but were bulky if you needed to use more than a few bags and I tried to use the super store fabric ones, but they fall apart quickly. If you find thin, heavy duty bags like these they easily cost $5-$7 each. 

I purchased my Trolley Dolly last year through a coop and love it! It has enough bags for a cart full of groceries (additional bags may be purchased separately if you’ve got a large family), they are colorful, durable and trim! I love how you can color code what products you put in which bags if you choose, and that they have bottle holding bags as well. I will admit I do not color code since I am relying on workers to sack my groceries and don’t want to be obnoxious, but love that I have this option if I choose. They are machine washable, so you can get them squeaky clean no matter what you put inside them. 


They have a number of different sized sets, but I have the full size bag, pictured above, that velcros to the shopping cart handle and has tons of pockets for your phone, credit cards, shopping list, keys, etc. The 3Bagz and 5Bagz are perfect for quick trips to the store, couples, city living or for your college-aged kids. The outer bags hold all of the nylon shopping bags so they all stay in one place and you won’t forget to bring them with you to the store. 

Anyways, if you are looking for another way to go green this year, or are looking for higher quality bags to replace what you’ve got, I’d highly recommend reusable shopping bags and these are my top pick! They also include green mesh produce bags which you may not have even if you’re already using reusable bags. Currently, the only U.S. retailer I found was although there may be some others out there. I am not sure if the coop I purchased them through still has a relationship with the company, but I may (a big may) be interested in working with them on a small order if there are enough seriously interested mamas out there. I think we would save a little compared to the retail price plus shipping. 

It looks like the original UK ZPM Trolley Dolly site is having a 50% off sale starting Monday April 12th, so who knows it might end up costing the same (with more selection) or slightly less than paying full price here in the US. 

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  1. Pretty cool. I wondered just the other day if there were any produce bags, because it bugs me to use the plastic for all of 15 minutes!

  2. I've never seen this before! Thanks for sharing, this would be great for food shopping :)

  3. MamaSquirrel says:

    cool! this looks like a great invention! we have a couple reusable bags but we sometimes forget them at home, and they're hard to carry around with us, but with this it looks like it just snaps on to the shopping cart, where do i get one? only online?

  4. I just found this, a little after the fact, but this product is great! I could definitely use this!

  5. This is great! So useful!

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