Infantino Baby Sling Recall

Most of you have probably been hearing all the hype about this, but I thought I would pass along a couple links to articles about the recall for this specific sling and put in my two cents as well :-) Is babywearing fantastic for your baby and safe? When a baby is worn properly, absolutely. Almost every baby carrier I have ever used or owned has had clear instructions to read before use and cautions about a correct position vs. an incorrect position of wearing your baby.

I agree that certain carriers, like the one in this recall, can have design flaws (deep elasticized pocket in this case) and to me this carrier wouldn’t have been one I would have chosen regardless of the recall. The elastic top portion circles around the whole top portion, which seems like a bad idea and not as easy to access your baby and the strap looks too thin to be supportive. Traditional pouch slings (i.e. Hotslings) do not have the elasticized portion and have a wider, more comfortable strap. Just like any baby product, slings need to be used with caution and it is the parent’s responsibility to regularly check on their infant to make sure their positioning hasn’t changed and to purchase a safe, properly sized product.

I cannot imagine the heartache a parent would feel having to go through the death of a child, in any circumstance, and especially when they had the best of intentions to wear their baby close to their heart. It is unclear, however, whether every dozen or so deaths being investigated over the past 20 years were solely the cause of the baby sling. Anyways, check out the links below and if you have an Infantino sling, stop use immediately and make sure to revisit your “how to” guides for the current slings you own to refresh your memory and to make sure you little one is safe and close to your heart.,2933,589845,00.html?test=latestnews

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  1. Heidi Jane Blankets says:

    I had 2 of these and never used them once. As soon as you put baby in there it's like it's squishing them and the fabric does have a 'suffocating' quality. I don't know anything about baby carrying but these were definitely not good products.

  2. Thanks so much for this info. I hadn't heard about it anywhere else.

  3. thanks for the post. I have one of these but rarely used it because I felt that he was too scrunched up and wouldnt be able to breathe. i think it is so important to wear your baby correctly and read the instructions. i have two ring slings now that i still use with my 22 month old, one came with dvd instructions! i also love this site because I made my own wrap (i think its similar to the moby wrap?)
    i was very helpful.

  4. Thanks for the info Emi…I will definitely pass this on to everyone I know with babies.

  5. Teresha@Marlie and Me says:

    my word. I almost bought one of these. thanks for the warning!

  6. My sister-in-law had one of these slings and I always warned them about the possibility of suffocation. I'm not surprised at all that it got recalled! Those deaths are SO sad :(

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