Diaper Tips Tuesday: Keeping Diaper Storage Odors at Bay

There are a number of different remedies to keeping diaper pail and wetbag odors under control, and below are a few for you to consider. 

  • A drop or two of tea tree oil can aid in containing odors both in the diaper pail or at laundry time. It also has cleansing and antimicrobial properties which is perfect while the diapers await washing day. Some pail liners and wetbags even have a small square of fabric sewn into the seam where you can put a drop or two of this or other essential oil. (Note: You need a large quantities of tea tree oil to completely disinfect in the wash, so is not the most economical choice for disinfecting). 
  • Use pail powder, also know as sprinkles, to deodorize your dirty duds by sprinkling some on the diaper each time you toss another one in. 
  • Deodorizing disks are also popular and you can place them in the bottom of the diaper pail or trash can and some diaper pails even have a pocket to place these in. I recommend purchasing non-toxic deodorizers such as Citrus Cloth Diaper Pail Deodorizer Disks found at many cloth diaper retailers. These discs need to be replace every 3-4 weeks, but are pretty affordable to purchase.  
  • Spray-on deodorizers are used in a similar way as deodorizing powders and are sprayed on soiled cloth diapers before storing them until wash day. bumGenius makes a non-toxic, biodegradable spray-on deodorizer and although they target odor-causing bacteria more so than some of the options outlined above, it does not completely eliminate them.

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  1. We have a pail with a liner. After seeing pails with 'vent' holes and charcoal in them advertised, I opted to just keep the lid of my pail open. In a large room, it keeps odor down pretty well, if you live in a warm climate/season, add a ceiling fan going slowly. In a smaller room it's a bit more confining, but still doable, and doesn't cost anything.

  2. YogaMama says:

    Thanks for the tips! I haven't had much trouble with odours yet, but it has been winter. In the summer when its hotter there might be a more noticable smell coming from the bag and I'll keep these in mind!

  3. dbassett says:

    Thanks for the tips!! I usually use a few drops of lavender oil or tea tree oil and it works alright. I use hanging pails so I can't use the discs (though I have in the past when we were using a pail and I loved them!).

  4. These tips are great! I just got started into cloth diapering not too long ago and really love it….I am learning so much from this blog! Thanks for all the tips and links!

  5. Thanks! I just started CD'ing and my dipes are still in a waterproof camping bag on the floor. Still seeking the right solution for our family.

  6. ♥Mama of the Littles♥ says:

    I never thought of tea tree oil! I use Rockin Green's pail freshner! Thanks for the info!

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