Diaper Tips Tuesday: Feedback

I feel like this is a column that I am always re-assessing. I have tried MckLinkys, weekly tips, tips written exclusively be me, and most recently, a combination of your tips or questions and mine. I think that the most recent route is the best idea in theory, but need to know if it is playing out how I want it to in reality. 

Now that we have more readers I will ask for some feedback once again! I am offering extra giveaway entries for your tips or questions and I am just not getting too many submissions. I was hoping that even without offering the extra entries that this would be a great place for mamas to ask questions and get feedback from me and other readers -OR- to share something that would help someone else out.

Does this need to be better publicized to get your involvement, are you not interested or too busy? I will continue to post my own tips and other tips or questions if they come along, but I am wondering if I should keep it a weekly column or change it to be something monthly or even bi-monthly? Feedback would be appreciated since I want to make the most of it, but also don’t want to take additional time away from my family if it is something that may not need to be a weekly column. 

I love the idea of this column, and want it to be weekly if possible, but cannot help it reach its potential alone! All of us have different babies, circumstances and knowledge and I would love for everyone to learn from each other. Tips don’t have to be long or life changing, and either do questions. If you have a tip or question email me at emi (at) theclothdiaperreport (dot) com with the subject line: Diaper Tips Tuesday.

Thanks mamas!

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By Emi Stapler. I am a cloth diaper advocate, green parenting blogger, mother of three and a military wife who enjoys sharing my motherhood adventures and advice. Follow me at The Cloth Diaper Report on Facebook, Twitter @TheCDReport , Google +, Pinterest and Instagram.

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  1. simplymerry says:

    somehow i missed that you had such a thing… maybe it's my own fault – i'm trying to not just be a giveaway drive-by, but sometimes i'm pressed for time, and my baby is teething and i'm trying to start cloth diapering and build my stash… you know how it goes.

    but i am interested and yeah, it does need to be more publicized. Even a fairly prominent link/tab at/near your header would help. You could do bi-monthly if you needed to… it might be more beneficial and less stressful that way.

  2. simplymerry says:

    (… back) ah, there it is. i always forget to check the dropdown tabs unless i am looking for something. looks like a wealth of info there and i'm off to browse. :)

  3. Mairs812 says:

    Also a public follower.

  4. I didnt know you were asking for any and I dont tend to use the drop down things, I read the current day's blog, enter a comment if I find it something I can contribute to, and if its a giveaway, do the entries for that. I read most of my stuff in a reader now, so I don't 'click through' to see what else is on the page unless I want to comment. Maybe a weekly feature of your picking or bi-weekly or whatever such as 'the scoop on poop', how do you clean your diapers and then everyone comments on what they use, etc? Hopefully that is helpful, then it could be archived on your tab. Sometimes I find that too many ways to enter into a giveaway is exhausting. Especially if there are more than 1 or 2 open and you have to go back to them and verify that you actually entered (speaking in general, not your site specifically) and then add the other ones back on, etc. Sometimes I just wish for a 'one entry' giveaway you know? It's less random when you have someone who has time to tweet 15 times in a day, and I don't even have an account, you know? Or if you get an entry for every giveaway you enter, so you go back and link them to each other–at that point I just say forget it, do the main entry and I'm done. So maybe if it's linked ot giveaways it should only be one extra entry and only to one specific giveaway? Less confusion all around. Just my 2 cents to the blogosphere!

  5. I just found this through the drop down—a place I hadn't looked before. I think a weekly thing is helpful so maybe if was more prominent on where to find it (only speaking for myself since I don't go through drop downs much) then there would be more participation.

  6. I just found this through the drop down—a place I hadn't looked before. I think a weekly thing is helpful so maybe if was more prominent on where to find it (only speaking for myself since I don't go through drop downs much) then there would be more participation.

  7. As a new CDing mom I have found your blog INCREDIBLY helpful to learn the ins and outs of CDs. What you do is absolutely wonderful and I've been spreading the word about your blog in hopes to get more people involved in CDing. I always look forward to new info but also know it is important for you to have time with your own family. Maybe every other week would be better?
    Thanks again for all you do! :-)

  8. I have a detergent question…I'll PM you! I would love to see regular (weekly or bi-monthly) tips!

  9. Thanks for the feedback so far, and keep it coming! I am already getting great info from you and know that one thing I need to do regardless of the frequency is to advertise it better. I have been requesting questions and tips at the end of each Diaper Tips Tuesday, but I guess not everyone is seeing that.

  10. Ryan, Corrie, Max, and Jack says:

    yeah, I didn't see that you were requesting more input. I'm sorry! Dude, and I JUST realized that commenting here counted towards giveaways. I'm a dork.

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