Sugar Plum Baby "Plum Night Diaper" Review, Plus Drawing to Win Free Doublers (3/1)

Monkey Toe Diapers has just launched their shop through Hyena Cart although Susan, the seamstress behind this store has been sewing and selling diapers for many years. She is licensed to sew Very Baby, Sugar Plum Baby, and Fern and Faerie patterns, which are patterns you will find are popular in the cloth diapering community, as well as diaper covers and doublers. Although I wouldn’t discourage you from trying your luck at sewing your own creations, sometimes it is better or easier to leave it to the experts to get the job done right.For about 8 months my daughter would wet so much overnight that she needed 10-12 layers of absorption to get her through the night. Even then I felt bad that she was in a soaking diaper by morning and my mother and discussed at one point a concern about back strain she may encounter from overstuffing her diaper. In addition to this concern, you get some leaking from overstuffing a diaper due to the bulk you create near the waist or hips. This is especially true for pocket style diapers.It wasn’t long before I discovered that fitted diapers were a great choice for added absorption since the entire diaper is made of absorbent materials and other textiles like hemp and bamboo seemed to be trimmer without sacrificing absorption. I definitely wish that I had discovered the

Plum Night Diapera long time ago, as my daughter still sleeps for 12 hours at night and needs a good amount of absorption. The Sugar Plum Baby “Plum Night Diaper” is a fitted diaper that uses hemp fleece, yet still includes a stay-dry lining which was a welcome feature for us, specifically for the long overnight hours.This diaper is B-U-L-K-Y, so don’t expect it to be anything but fluffy, however, it is very absorbent and the absorption is spread out through the entire diaper. I also feel more at ease knowing that my daughter has a stay-dry feeling for longer periods overnight because of its microfleece lining and the hemp fleece is thirsty. The trifold snap-in insert is designed to stay in place and helps reduce drying time as it snaps into thirds so that it doesn’t shift around as you try and put it on baby, yet allows the layers to dry quickly when unsnapped.

This is definitely a diaper I would recommend to families who are having issues with leaking overnight due to heavy wetters and babies or toddlers who sleep for long hours overnight. In general fitted diapers are the best overnight choice for absorption and hemp keeps the diaper or inserts trimmer than they would be if made from microterry or other synthetic materials with the same absorption.


Plum Night Diapers

Overall Rating: 8.5
Overall Fit: 9
Style: Fitted/Sized
Size/Weight Range:
Medium (15-25 lbs.), Large (22-35+ lbs.)*
*Small and XL also available upon request for the Plum Night DiaperClosure Style:   Snaps, three on each side, horizontal with crossover.

Ease of Use: 8.5
Absorption/Inserts: Great absorption, microfleece topped doubler also included
Materials Used: Hemp fleece and microfleece
Durability: 9.5
Pocket Opening: None
Rise: Moderate/High
Waist: Highly adjustable
Thighs: Contained messes well
Casing/ Elastic Style: Ruffled, serged
Cost: $24 -$28
Care and Use:

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Win it!
In honor of the Hyena Cart opening, Monkey Toe Diapers is giving away two different sets of doublers. Hop of over and enter to win a set of doublers 
here and here. Ends March 1, 2010.

A Plum Night Diaper was provided by Monkey Toe Diapers for this review. 
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