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Danielle from No Snakes in New Zealand and I are just wrapping up our first cloth diaper swap. This was a used (EUC, VGUC, GUC) swap that we put together from the interest we saw in the CD community. I definitely learned a lot! It went well and although we had a couple little bumps along the way, they were smoothed out prettty quickly. I definitely have a list of how I can improve the swap if I choose to coordinate one in the future, but hope most people are happy with how it turned out. I definitely spent hours and hours over a number of days entering information into Excel sheets and trying to match everyone together as well as I could. I am telling you, it was not an easy task!  A big thank you to Danielle for helping match up the VGUC and GUC swaps as the EUC list was by far the longest and most complicated.

The premise of the swap was for people to swap diapers that they just weren’t reaching for or that their little ones had outgrown. Although there was no guarantee how another brand or style would work for them, this was a “lower risk” way to try something new and have fun along the way (worse-case scenario you get another diaper that you don’t grab for or doesn’t fit your little one perfectly). Hopefully many people were able to try new styles, brands or fabrics that will help them make future purchase decisions and had fun getting surprise fluffy mail. 

Danielle and I were only going to participate on a “need to” basis and we both tried to jump in and fill in the swaps where we could in order to get everything matched up according to everyone’s sizing and style preferences. Danielle and I both went to our personal stashes to try and make this work, and a big thank you to Danielle for jumping in and offering her things left and right to help make this work. We didn’t get anything out of this other than wanting to provide something fun for everyone, but we got to try a couple new things ourselves since we were able to participate in the end. We both ended up with some diapers that weren’t any sizes we could use as well, but hope to give them to friends or use on future kiddos. 

There are still a handful of diapers en route, but I thought I’d put up a MckLinky for people to start sharing their swaps since the majority of participants have received their diapers. We’d love to hear about what you got, how much you love them, or that you learned about another brand that is not your favorite fit, but at least you know now not to pay full price to test them out.

Didn’t participate this round? Let me know if you’d be interested in a future swap. Whether yearly, quarterly etc. and I will take comments and feedback into consideration. 

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  1. Jackie at 3littleones says:

    this sounds like such a great idea!! I was out of the loop in blogging for a few months and would have loved to participate!!! :( Oh well – if you do it again though, I am SO IN!!!!!

  2. I totally SLACKED ON THIS! I have a laundry basket FULL of diapers I could've thrown in on this! :( Oh well – I'll keep my eyes peeled if you do another one 😉

  3. I ended up with some great stuff! I posted pictures of what I got in the McLinky. I also got a brown prefold with the diaper cover, but it was in the wash.

  4. I thought the swap was so much fun! I got 2 newborn diapers that I'll have to wait until September to try out. I also got a rocky mountian one size which is awesome becuase I had one already and I love it! I'm sure it was a lot of work to match everyone up, but I sure appreciate it. I'd definatly do it again:)

  5. Teresha@Marlie and Me says:
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