Hiney Lineys Review & Inventory Clearance!

Many diapers I stumble upon or that are newly released have features that I have thought up in my head months before. It’s like those Windows 7 commercials, where I think “hey, I talked to so-and-so about that needing a diaper like that months ago!” or “Hi, my name is Emi and diaper XYZ was my idea”. One of the ideas I have had was to have a wider, larger, snap in stay-dry liner that would be a cross between a pocket diaper and an easier to clean all-in-two diaper. This is because one of the downsides for most all-in-two systems I have reviewed have been that they are messier to clean up with certain kinds of bowel movements. They are great for the majority of diaper changes and for the pocket book, but I knew there had to be another solution to make clean-ups easier.

That is how all diapering systems originate though, aren’t they? They either root from a personal need or needs in the diapering community. Hiney Liney diapers can be considered a cover with a snap-in stay dry liner or an all in two diaper, although they look and function much like a pocket diaper. The shell can also be used as a cover without the snap-in stay dry liners so it is versatile to say the least.

These diapers are meant to be used with prefolds, although they can be used with other inserts or contour diapers as well as over a fitted diaper without the snap-in liner. The diaper is comprised of PUL, rip stop nylon (that can be wiped clean between changes) and suedecloth for the stay dry liners. We reviewed the side snap version which had a good fit, leak protection and performed as any cover or pocket diaper would. The trimness and absorbency will depend of the size and thickness of the prefold or insert used with the cover, so you can customize this to your needs.

Overall Rating:

Overall Fit:


Size/Weight Range:

Newborn (up to 12 lbs.), Small (10-18 lbs.), Medium (16-26 lbs.), Large (23-35 lbs.), XL (up to 45 lbs.)

Closure Style:

Snaps, side, vertical (aplix closures also available)

Ease of Use:


None. The absorption will vary on what prefolds or inserts are used.

Materials Used:

PUL, rip stop nylon, suedecloth.

9 (snap version)

Pocket Opening:


Ranges from 11-21” (depending on size).


Ranges from 12.5-24” (depending on size).


Ranges from 4-16” (depending on size).

Casing/Elastic Style:






$23/per cover and 3 “lineys”.

Care and Use:






They are currently having an
inventory clearance where both their snap and aplix versions are 26% off. This would be the perfect time to give this system a try and bring new life and purpose to those prefolds! Remember each Hiney Lineys diaper comes with 1 outer shell/cover and 3 snap-in liners. 

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By Emi Stapler. I am a cloth diaper advocate, green parenting blogger, mother of three and a military wife who enjoys sharing my motherhood adventures and advice. Follow me at The Cloth Diaper Report on Facebook, Twitter @TheCDReport , Google +, Pinterest and Instagram.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I'll have to put these on my short list!

  2. I got a Hiney Liney when my baby was a NB and I loved it! He grew out of it very quickly though. I'm hoping to get another one though because this was a diaper that really worked. I actually think it holds everything in much better then come of the other systems that are similar.


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