Diaper Tips Tuesday: Stretching Your Diapers With Hip Snaps a Little Longer

Today’s diaper tip is meant for any sized or one size diaper that has two rows of snaps across the front. The top row is considered a waist adjustment and the second row, a hip adjustment. Although this won’t work with every type of diaper that fits this category, every body type or every fabric diapers are made out of, it can help get your little one through a few more weeks or months in a diaper size. 

For example, the Lollidoo One Size Eco Pockets, which I reviewed here, have the wider row of waist snaps and the snaps are angled in a way that make this diaper a prime example of when this technique can be used. My daughter has a low rise, but is very tall and chunky, particularly in the thighs, and has already outgrown certain one size diapers. I discovered that I could squeeze her in just a little longer (or more comfortably) with this technique to give a little more room in the thighs, which is especially exciting if it is a favorite style or fit. 

This is how the snaps are traditionally buy aciclovir tablets 400mg snapped on the last and widest setting

This is how it should look after snapping it in the modified manner to give a little more thigh room after they’ve outgrown the last hip snap

You could skip the hip snap and just snap the one waist snap so the diaper is still secured, but this may be problematic for toddlers who “diaper strip” as it will be easier for them to get off. I also notice that skipping the hip snap usually doesn’t provide enough leak protection as it lacks a snug enough fit around the thighs. This will depend on the particular brand and style of the diaper, so skipping the hip snap may work in some cases.

Hopefully this will help of of you with your chubby-thighed babies or toddlers, depending on the type of diapers you have!

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  1. Thank you for this tip! I think I will need to use this before long. :)

    Laura C


  2. newmami_rgv says:

    Yup! I use this method for one of my prefold snaps to give it a little more usage. Thanks for great tips!

  3. Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip says:

    Great cloth diaper tips!! Following your adorable site now. Come by and visit me sometime too if you wish:


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