Bumgenius Odor Remover Review & Coupon Code

BumGenius odor remover is an accessory that is what I consider an “extra”, meaning that although it is not an essential for cloth diapering, it has its perks depending on your preferences. Some people are more sensitive to smell or prefer a fresher smelling nursery, and if you are willing to pay the extra bit of money every month, odor “repressors” can be well worth the price. You can liken the cost to buying fresheners for your trashcans or room fresheners you plug into the wall.

I use the word repress when discussing odor control, because I don’t think that any product you spray or sprinkle on a dirty pail of diapers completely eliminates odors. The only way to do that is to stick them in the wash! This is the first spray-on odor controlling product I have tried (thanks to Thanks Mama) and although it seemed to help some, the spray itself has a pretty strong smell that builds up as the diaper pail gets filled. Although I do not doubt that this product helps target odor-causing bacteria (and it helped suppress the odors some), it didn’t magically eliminate all odors or neutralize them as much as I would have liked.

Don’t get me wrong it seems to help, but you get a fainter diaper pail odor mixed in with the smell of the odor remover itself which was still a bit of a nose-full for me. I do like that it is non-toxic, biodegradable and is completely free of chemicals, oils, detergents, perfumes and solvents. This way you know it is not going to add any buildup to your diapers or have any negative effects on your laundry routine. And it is nipping the root of odors in the bud, rather than just covering it up. These are all positive things when looking for a solution for odors.

I do have to note that my diaper pail is actually a step-on kitchen trash can that keeps odors sealed-in pretty tight and although I try to keep the lid from staying shut all the way, this may have affected my experience as well. Everyone’s experiences will vary on the way they store the diapers, how much of the odor remover they use, how often they wash their diapers, the room your diaper pail is stored in and individual noses.

Directions: Remove waste from diaper. From a distance of 6-8 inches, spray directly onto soiled diaper, lightly covering the soiled area. Do not spray on baby.

For Best Results: Spray every diaper, cover and insert. Do not soak diapers. Always store diapers in a dry pail.

Ingredients: Water and vegetative microbes

Price: $5.95 per bottle

Enter the coupon code “mama” for 5% off your order and free shipping on orders $60+.

A bottle of odor remover was provided by Thanks Mama for this review.

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