Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream & Creamy Body Wash Review

Pomegranate Gift Kit

Weleda has recently launched a new line of skincare products incorporating anti-oxidant rich organic pomegranate oil blended with other ingredients for a beautiful aroma and healthy skin. I first came across this brand at a WAHM-owned shop about 45 minutes from my house as she carries their Baby line, but mama needs great skin products too! So I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review a couple of their products for mom. In addition to Baby and Mama products, they also have hair care, Men’s products and even oral care, so be sure to check them out. 

Free of synthetic detergents, the creamy body wash cleanses without stripping your skin of it’s natural moisture and suds up gently in my loofah, leaving my skin clean, fresh and anything but dry. The only issue I had was that the bottle leaked a tiny bit in the shower no matter how tight I thought I closed it. I solved this by storing it upside down and don’t know if it was just a fluke, but am confident that it probably was since their other products and containers are very well made. I recommend trying the gift kit (pictured above) that includes the creamy body wash, oil and a loofah for a discounted price. What a great gift for you, a friend or loved one. 

Pomegranate Hand Cream

The regenerating hand cream is the perfect purse size so it can be conveniently applied whenever it is needed and has been a lifesaver during the past few weeks of bitter cold. It absorbed well without leaving my hands feeling greasy and smells lovely. Pomegranate just has that fresh, invigorating scent to it without being overstimulating to the nose, so I love it. I am very satisfied with these products and would love to try their long line of other products for the whole family. Stay tuned for my review of their Baby Diaper Cream sometime next month!

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