Stitches in Cotton Crocheted Hat & R(ice) Bag Review

You may recall I reviewed her flannel wipes during Cloth Wipes Week and we still love her flannel wipes for light clean ups and for getting in cracks and tight spots for messier clean-ups. They are soft, durable, generously sized and come in adorable prints. Her Etsy shop offers free shipping in the US and she has very reasonable prices for the (wo)man hours she puts into her creations. I would recommend purchasing any of the items I reviewed or working with her on a custom order. 

In addition to her wipes I was able to review a r(ice) bag and a crocheted hat. The r(ice) bag we received was just like the one pictured above with adorable stars and moons. As you can see from the photo above, she makes them in a variety of sizes for different sized boo-boos and kiddos. Luckily we didn’t have any serious injuries while reviewing it, but after my daughter used it as a bean bag for a couple of days we have it tucked in the freezer for those regular bonks and bruises. It stays surprisingly cold, without being as piercing as ice so I would recommend it especially for children, although you could also warm it up in the microwave for yourself during “that time of the month”. 

Her crocheted hats are available as small as a doll/newborn size up to adult sizes and everything in between. I sent her my daughter’s head circumference a color preference and she had the hat whipped up in no time. My daughter goes through color phases and loves to put this yellow hat on, although, the only time I could get her still enough to snap some shots was in the car. It was still a challenge though, so I hope to get a better picture of both the hat and my daughter sometime! (Note: my daughter insisted on putting the hat on all by herself, so you can see the seam in the picture above is diagonal; but what can I say, she has her own sense of style).

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  1. fancygrlnancy says:

    the had is adorable!

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